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The decapsulated inner packet doesn't match the negotiated policy in the SA

Hi,I am having a problem getting a SIP software to reach a PBX (ip office 500 if that matters) that is behind a ASA 5505.  I have a working VPN connection that terminates at the ASA and can ping/telnet/netcat (UDP) the PBX no problem.  When connectin...

IP adress control with DHCP

Hi I have a big issue right now. I am making changes to my company network. The system administrator has this control. Where he can create a rule in the firewall and allow people to go to the internet or limit the access using the ip address. We have...

8.2 -> 8.4 Question

Hello, I'm sure this will be a very easy question for most of you to answer.   I have to implement NAT rules but I'm given the rules in the old format.  I would like to translate the rule format into a 8.4 compatible ASA format.  I believe this is a ...

ASA5505 - asa916-1-K8 : Deny TCP (no connection) from yy.yy.yy.80/52406 to xx.xx.xx.29/80 flags RST ACK on interface

Host yy.yy.yy.80 is a unique /24 range on a perimeter ASA (VPN/DHCP). Host xx.xx.xx.29 is a unique routable host behind the ASA5505 (logs below).  The router in front of this ASA has one path to the ASA VPN, so I'm positive it is not a asymmetrical r...

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