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Resolved! asa5520 Problems "Lost Failover communications with mate on interface outside"

THE FOLLOWING MESSAGES HAVE BEEN APPEARING MORE FREQUENTLY LATELY. This has been dropping my VPN clients. The ASA is on version 803 and has memory issues where it free memory drops to 42%. We then have to reboot to reclaim free memwhere is goes back ...

Resolved! ASA 5515X AVC and botnet License

Hello All I need to install AVC and botnet licenses on a live ASA, I am a little confused about how to do it  1)  how to access the cx web admin page of 5515-x asa ?   (unlike 5585-x, there is no dedicated port for cx in 5515-x)2)  step by step proce...

Need suggestions how to use an ASA firewall between corporate and industrial networks.

Hello everyone, I need some suggestions on how to use a Cisco ASA as a firewall between my Company's corporate and Industrial networks. Here's my situation. We currently have our Corp and Industrial networks internet connected at our core switch,they...

Many hits from

We are getting many hits from domain 2500 hits in less than 24 hours.We do not have a web and/or ftp server. Our connection to the internet is normally only email and web browsing. Our protection to the ouside world is a Ciso SA520 fire...

fzanvIT12 by Beginner
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Cisco ASA 5500x Firepower IPS Logging

Anyone know how Cisco ASA 5500x firepower logging works?Based on the cisco manuals: " For ASA FirePOWER-related syslog messages, see the syslog messages guide. ASA FirePOWER syslog messages start with message number 434001"That suggests it just talks...

Ralphy006 by Beginner
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ASA CX management

Hi. Is there any way to access the ASA CX module by HTTPS from the inside network (inside interface) on the ASA firewall? I can access the CX by HTTPS via the management interface but I want to use the inside interface like the ASA management. What i...


Hello - I am seeing a whole bunch of the below messages in my logs. Can anyone tell my why this is happening and how I can resolve the issue.  I have tried tunning the setting below with no luck. Dec 16 08:55:47.195 WA: %IPS-4-SIGNATURE: Sig:1304 Sub...

Greg Moss by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco ASA HA Setup in ACTIVE - ACTIVE State

I have two ASA 5540s, with 8.4.(2).8 installed in a HA setup , they lost synchronisation last week, and now are both in ACTIVE mode. I have a PRIMARY/ACTIVE and a SECONDARY/ACTIVE. Is there any procedure to get back to PRIMARY/ACTIVE and SECONDARY/ST...

Ed OLeary by Beginner
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