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Hi, Getting below error while trying to console CX module from ASA.HQ-JNM-ASA/act# session cxsc consoleERROR: An existing console session is in progress with module cxsc. Only one is allowed at any point in time. Have tried resolving the issue throug...

Hello I have  ASA 5510 with 3 X interfaces " inside , DMZ , Outside". We have a solution one server located on DMZ  with IP address published to internet with IP address and we have an internal server with IP address 10...

Hello,There are many log related to following"%ASA-4-401004: Shunned packet: IP_src ==> IP_dest"I would like to know more details which threat detection rule was hit? It will useful for me to adjust its Treat Dedication  setting.Since "show threat-de...

Machi Ma by Level 1
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Hi ALL,I met a strange issue about ASA 5540 telnet issue ,I can telnet FW successfully ,but after i log in a few minutes ,FW will be no response ,then the telnet will interrupt .  It's very strange ,I checked CPU ,Memory ,logs ,everything looks fine ...

Max ma by Level 1
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Hi there, I have a couple of questions regarding Reset-I and Reset-O messages on the Cisco ASA.  I read a document that Reset-I will appear on the ASA if the inside host resets the connection, but what denotes an 'Inside' host?  Is the inside host de...

Tried setting up a Shape Policy and it states its invalid.  Worked fine on my 5520, just curious if anyone else might know why its coming as invalid now                          ciscoasa(config-pmap-c)# shape                                          ...

TechDude by Level 1
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I'm in the market for a NGFW and was wondering where people are with their current Cisco ASA with Sourcefire. Obviously the road seems long to get a mature product from the merging of the two technologies, e.g. SourceFire defence centre and ASDM are ...

AmziUK by Level 1
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I have two ASA's running in active standby mode, each with an ASA SF module. I am getting errors on the SF module in the Standby because it is not receiving any traffic. I believe it is by design that the standby ASA SF module is not receiving any tr...