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IPS 4240 upgrade

hi,i am running version 6.2 on ips 4240. could please someone let me have the procedure to upgrade the OS to 7.1.8 please? is this upgrade same as cisco IOS using tftp ? what is the procedure to upgrade ? is it first os and then sensor ? cold you ple...

Resolved! Inbound TCP connection denied

Feb 27 2014 17:02:10: %ASA-2-106001: Inbound TCP connection denied from to 200.x.x.x/10000 flags RST on interface visitorFeb 27 2014 17:02:04: %ASA-2-106001: Inbound TCP connection denied from to 200.x.x.x/1000...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Configuring "Guest Wi-Fi" VLAN on ASA 5512

I'm attempting to setup a new vlan on my Cisco ASA 5512 running version 8.6(1)2.  This vlan will provide access for wireless "guest" AP's in my network.  I have the guest vlan setup through to my switches, I'm able to dedicate a switch port to VLAN 4...

tlwoodstx by Beginner
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Dual ISP with static NAT for each ISP

We recently went from single ISP on our ASA to dual ISPs with failover using object tracking.  Dynamic NAT is working great with both ISP.  Using this:nat (inf_inside,inf_ISP1) after-auto source dynamic PAT_Networks interfacenat (inf_inside,inf_ISP2)...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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Supported code on ASA5500's

I an very familiar with "end of sale" notices with ASA5500 firewalls bt my question is more on the ios side.Is there a way to find out what code revisions have been deferred or are not supported anymore?In other words lets say I have a ASA-5540 runni...

dbp by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA and NTP

Hi Everyone,I have this setup belowISP-------R1-------OSPF----Sw1--------IPSEC-------OSPF----R2----- ASA--------inside interface --R3Where R1 has public server as NTP.Sw1 has its default gateway which points to R1 and this default gateway IP is  NTP ...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
  • 8 replies
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IPSec Tunnel Endpoint

I am looking to migrate an IPSec endpoint, with numerous peers, off of an IOS loopback (/32) address to an ASA active/standby configuration.  Is there a recommended configuration for emulating this loopback address on the ASA?  I do not want to apply...

clearrate by Beginner
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