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Dears, My IPS is disconnected in IPS manager, there are no issues by accessing through ssh or telnet. I though that because of certificate expiry it is disconnected, i generated new certificate by "tls generate" command, but still the same, Any other...

Hi, I have just purchased a ASA 5505 and have completed the initial setup via the wizard.  I am currently unable to access services on the outside of the ASA. The error: 'Failed to locate egress interface for UDP from inside'....  appears when ever m...

robert404 by Beginner
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 I have a issue with NAT in ASA 5505 version 9.0 firewal.1. I have one web server on LOCAL LAN  in ASA firewall with private ip  address. Web application is running on webserver, and I can access this  web application with private ip address from web...

tnrs_tnrs by Beginner
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Dear team, We are deploying ASA-CX in a customer where the Virtualization platform is Citrix Xen Server. We´ve tried to install Cisco CDA to sync the users identification with Active Directory, but the ISO can´t be installed on Citrix, a "panic" erro...

fodermat by Cisco Employee
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Hi, I wonder if someone could point out my error or issue.... 2 x ASA 5505 with Security plus licence.Both ASA 8.2(5) and ASDM 6.4(9)When I run the High Availability and Scalability Wizard I have enter the Peer IP address and it passes all the tests ...

This new NAT is running me bonkers.I need to set up a public email server on the inside interfaceI also need t allow Outlook Web Access inboundI have tried a couple of configs to no avail - the packet tracer stops at my NAT statement.object network O...

pwmsonpbs by Beginner
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Hello,I am purchasing a 5525-X IPS Edition model firewall with 5 security context licenses.  I have a question about licensing.  When activating a feature license, such as Web Security Essentials, do you actiavte it under the firewall context or unde...

 Hi Guys, Cheers!!! Is there any way to findout ASA login history (From which IP address,time etc...). I am using cisco ASA 5505 Firmware 8.2(5). Can anyone help me out ? Thanks in advance. 

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