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Hi All,I want to backup all the radius logs before upgrading of the ISE from 1.0.4 to 1.1.0. I have already took a back up of application data. From Gui under Monitoring Node-->full backup on demand1)Is that all for the radius logs?2)If I have upgrad...

Hi,after I put the right Username and Password in the first mask, immediately the second mask (below) appear...It seems the Cisco ASA 5505 is refusing my username or password without saying me anything!And I'm going to repeat mysef... the userneme an...

daxroby by Beginner
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Hello all, I have an asa and a web server behind it. I am able to connect to the webserver via http, however https does not work properly. Google chrome says it is "Waiting for proxy tunnel" and will not connect. I have exceptions in the ACL for http...

Hi all.I'm not new to firewall config but acutally is the first time I need to configure a PPPoE on a Cisco ASA.IP and def-route will be received via DHCP but I already know which IP will be assigned. I will have only 1 IP public IP address.The netwo...

Hi all,My customer is facing with the above error. He has done the following: Primary ASA showed Memory allocation Errors in the logs, in fact saving config was not possibleafter removing Basic Threat Detection config and adding it again saving confi...

Hello,Recently a client migrated to ASA 5525x, ASA OS 9.1(1). The task now is to implement Intrusion Prevention System and keeping the ASA CX module. From what I've read do far both software modules IPS and CX can't run simultaneously on one ASA, so ...

pstratiev by Beginner
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Hello,We have an ASA firewall that now when connected to the serial console I can see stops booting at the line:  Cisco Systems ROMMON Version (1.0(12)13) #0: Thu Aug 28 15:55:27 PDT 2008 Is there anything that can be done to resolve the issue or is ...

Hi, I need help to connect to the Cisco PIX 515e. I cannot connect and go into the PIX Device Manager (PDM) there any way to reset to factory default the device?I have the ipconfig /all configuration of my network. Any help...

Hi,I'm having an issue trying to open port 25 on our cisco ASA 5510 version 9.1 (2). When a wire tap is placed on the outside port between the ASA and the internet we are getting hits on wireshark, when a port 25 trace from

Hi, I got 2x  ASA5540-k8, I just checked that 3DES is "disabled" on the firewalls. I've seen lots of material online, 3DES is free and all I have to do is enter the serial number of my device below, to obtain my license key:

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