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I set up my switch, the port security is activated, but when i have 2 ports configured in same vlan, when changing the computers conected in those ports between them, the ports are not going in shutdown, only discard packets. How can i configure to s...

dani289200 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA5505 NTP Config

Hello,  We have stand-alone hosts(not on a PDC) behind an ASA 5505 and we would like to configure their clocks to synch up with an external NTP sources. I wasn't sure if I could configure the ASA to use an external NTP sources and then point the host...

zekebashi by Enthusiast
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Hi guys, I'm having a strange behaviour in an ASA cluster running 8.4(4) regarding failover feature, from the Active node standpoint if I issue a "show failover" I have the following result------------------ show failover ------------------Failover O...

I have a need on Cisco 2800 router IOS 12.4 (15) to map  an Remote desktop session to a different port number on a server.A public ip address say is static natted to an inside server at user on the outside will try to make a connecti...

pcromwell by Participant
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Resolved! about ASA firewall

  Hello everyone, I have a question about ASA firewall, is it true that in ASA firewall, their are 2 ways we can configure it? Either we use GUI mode to access the ASA firewall or CLI mode? Is the GUI application basically the ASDM that we download a...

I am trying to setup NTP from a router that is behind an ASA. I am trying to sync it with (UDP port 123). However, the "sh asso det" list the NIST server as "insane and invalid". The ASA does do a source NAT and also changes the source ...

agoraya by Beginner
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I see 9.1 ver available but the 9.0.4 is recommended ver? so should I go with that or go to the highest level of IOS?Also, is it the same IOS for the X series ASA? I have a mixed environment.

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