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I have a business requirement that has traffic for an application going through firewall A and web traffic through firewall B. Due to specilized routing need for this application, if a user outside the network tries to access our public facing web se...

jamescox3 by Level 1
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Hi All, I am an accidental administrator and need some assistance please. Our ASA firewall is apparently blocking our phone traffic, resulting in only one phone being active at a time. I've been told by provider that port 5060 needs to be able to rec...

Hi everybody, Unfortunately, I deleted my ASA 5515X completly. So the device doesn't boot, i got only the rommon prompt. So I try to backup the image from a second equal firewall:Laptop: For the TFTP server I used...

Hi, I have created multiple VLANs on Cisco 3750 switch and configured inter-VLAN routing. Cisco ASA 5515-X is internet gateway, should I also create VLANs on ASA and should I made trunk port between firewall and Cisco 3750?

Rizwan by Level 1
  • 26 replies
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Hi All,Would anyone be able to advise on how to restrict/block staff from being able to download large content(files/music/movies) from the internet please?The only device we have is a Cisco router, model: 2921(IOS version 15.1(4)M4). I've looked at ...

I currently have a NAT statement on my firewall for a public facing server which looks like this:nat (any,any) source static any any destination static server_ext_ip server_int_ipTypically I believe this would be better off as an object NAT but for n...

Matthew by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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