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if i have As500 connected to modem at wan port and my network in lan port . i have 8 real static ip . i want to nat my lan network to real ip . there are server in my lan1- i want server to take real static ip so i can access it  from wan (internet) ...

Hi,\our organization is using ASA 5520  as firewall.The inside interface of the firewall is on core switch  and the default route on core switch is pointing towards the inside interface of the firewall.There are several vlans on core switch  and the ...

prakavi by Beginner
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Hi all,can cx module managed with prsm 9.2 support an asa with multi-context and use context information?we have an asa multi-context managed by a prsm server but we are unable to distinguish, in cx policies, traffic related to a specific asa context...

Maybe it's because it's so late, but I'm confused.  I've got an out of the box ASA 5520 with just a basic config on it - the default mostly, except the Gi0/0 and 0/1 ports are not in shutdown mode.  I've got connection lights, and both the ASA and th...

jlmickens by Beginner
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I need to set up wccp on a Cisco ASA5540X, but I had a question Does WCCP intercept ALL http/https traffic passing through the ASA regardless on ingress/egress interface? Or can it be set up to intercept a range of source IP addresses, or maybe set u...

Hello everyone!It's time for us to move from old well known PIX-525. Right now main their main duty is to firewall between several networks. It looks like we can take a pair of ASA-5585 and replace failover pair of PIXes. I checked the documentation ...

Hi, we are in preparation of upgrading our Asa pair and the new 5500-x is one of the candidates. However I am having difficult time finding what non-signature based detection the builtin IPS can do. Like, can it detect drive-by download/install? Any ...

m1xed0s by Spotlight
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Hello,I have 2 MS servers that I am trying to pull WMI statistics from. When I access the server with its real address of it is successful. When I try to access it with the NAT'd address of it fails. I have inspect dcerpc enabl...

jtowry by Beginner
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