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Resolved! ASA5505 latency

We need a firewall on our VOIP traffic. Our provider says the device must have a maxium latency of 2ms. Having searched the spec in the Cisco docs on this device and having found nothing on it's latency I wondered if anyone on here might know?Thanks

Hi all,I have two buildings in two diferent locations each one with a Cisco ASA5520 to provide VPN access. I want to configure load-balancing between them but I can´t have both outside interfaces in the same subnet. Reading the document: http://www.c...

ionalonso by Beginner
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I currently have a cisco ASA 5512 with IPS.I have eth0 connected to my WAN          eth1 connected to my LAN ( Switch ) have setup my sensor on which seems to be on the management interface?Currently i don't use the managment i...

Hi all,I've recently bought a Cisco ASA 5520 on eBay for study and I've decided to use it solely as a firewall between my home LAN and the Internet. Wow, what a learning curve! I've managed to add my internal networks as objects and create a NAT rule...

bazzaroo by Beginner
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