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Having an issue with repeated Shunned Packets in the ASFM Syslog.  I was going to call support, however I'm not sure if I can even explain the issue, if there even is an issue, that is why I need your help.I'm Getting a constant stream of Shunned pac...

Lon by Level 1
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Is it possible to bypass the ips for a specific connection - meaning if i only want to bypass the ips for traffic from 1-ip to another ip?we currently have a global policy defined - matching 'any' to 'any' 'ip' traffic  - and inspecting inline.  it a...

moody by Level 1
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Hi folks,I've got a questiong about ACL hashing on routers and ASAs, on the router I can use the command:ip access-list logging hash-generationAnd as far as I understand the ASA generates a hash for its ACLs by default, is this true? is there some eq...

RonHarnik by Level 1
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Добрый день! Пытаюсь установить Cisco IME на Windows 8, однако появляется ошибка Cannot start MySQL server и говорит что не хватает файла msvcr71.dll. Скопировал этот файл с 7-ки в нужную папку, однако результат тот же. В чем может быть проблема?Верс...

I have two private networks behind an ASA5505 that need to access the Internet and also talk to each other. Each private network hosts a couple servers with NATed/published services.  Since the ASA is not exactly the best device to use to route traff...

tato386 by Level 6
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I've received a couple of alerts from Symantec anti-virus on a server and client computer saying that it is being port scanned. I was wondering what a network administrator would do about these warnings? Should I just setup a wireshark capture on the...

I have a Cisco ASA 8.4. I have an internal website for an application that they use both internal and externally (  is The company that hosts their External Website and DNS created a record that points to http://app.domain...

HelloI have an ASA5520. Up until recently, I was able to telnet into the device with no troubles. I can access the command line via the ASDM. I removed and re-entered the Telnet commnds, no success.What could be causing this?

Hi,I am auditing the network and bit worried to configure the “ip verify reverse-path interface outside & ip verify reverse-path interface inside”, so thought to take further advice from experts.My understanding of RPF is that suppose for incoming pa...

raza555 by Level 3
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