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asafirewall# show proc    PC       SP       STATE       Runtime    SBASE     Stack ProcessMwe 00c9bb24 02068500 013e3250          0 01734830 15616/16384 emweb/cifsLwe 001072ac 0177022c 013e32d0          0 0176e258 8132/8192 block_diagMrd 00223be0 018...

andy akpa by Beginner
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Ok, so I had a scenario last night with NAT. I am going to post two configs, the first one is using static NAT and the second is using auto NAT. I'll just post the relevant portion. Can someone explain to me why the static NAT was not forwarding traf...

Resolved! ASA 5515X Design

hi all,here my Network setup, and i am going to get the ASA 5515x device .i have 3 different local network and 2 WAN connections.LAN 1 -- --local usersLAN2 -- /24 --  serversLAN3 -- internetWAN1 - ADSL Line wit...

zeuscyril by Enthusiast
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Hi All, Hope some one can help me.I have spent the last two days trying to resolve this problem but had no luck.When I configure the ASA5520 from scratch every thin works fine, I can access the internet and surf with out a problem. The problem is whe...

I currently have a Cisco ASA plugged into a single AP. This plugs into the POE port of the ASA.the wireless point has 2 ssid's ( vlans ) 1 and 10both side are trunked to allow the vlans.vlan 1 is on /24 ( production ) inisde interfacevla...

Hello, I have a issue where I need to port forward a port from the outside to a host on the inside. The outside interface is a priviate (RFC1918), which is NAT'd to an upstream firewall. The problem is rpf-check DROP and %ASA-5-305013:Topology:  Inte...

Spagsterj by Beginner
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  I set up AAA authentication for traffic going through my firewall.   That causes the PINGs to be denied.   I assume that is by design.   What protocols would cause a prompt to display so the originator could traverse the FW?   I'm not sure how AAA ...

jimmyc_2 by Beginner
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I have configured Basic firewall on my cisco 2911, I want to open port 80 for a packaging machine IP ( which uses tcp port 80 to connect with live ip of its server in case of any technical problem, so that support technicia...

engr.moaz by Beginner
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