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inspect on firewall

Scenario 1On new  firewall following inspect command are as follows.Assume there is no access-list on now all the traffic related to below protocols will be allowed to flow from inside to outside as well as outside to inside. inspect dns...

Access to network

Referring to the diagram, Switch_2 was not there and communication between private networks was working fine. I added Switch_2 (a layer 2 switch) to the network to extend the business network and lost communication in Site_2 private network. We have ...

doubt with ASA log

Hello all,I'm receiving this flood line like below in my log, look:Dec  3 16:05:00 %ASA-6-106015: Deny TCP (no connection) from to flags PSH ACK  on interface inside                   When I'm in

IPSec VPN traffic issue

I have a site to site VPN configured on a asa5505. The tunnel is up and the interesting traffic is successfully being encrypted. The issue is that when inbound traffic originating from a subnet outside of the encrypted range destin to the subnet with...

cperkins22 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! License with anyconnect on asa 5520

Dear All,We have a single ASA 5510  with version 7.2 (3) in our network and configured many IPSEC site to site, IPSEC - remote access vpn and webvpn with SSL.  Everything is working well.ASA-5510# sh ver Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Ver...

Shibu1978 by Beginner
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AIM-IPS password reset

I am following the password reset procedure for the AIM-IPS module in a 2811 Router.I  enter the commnd "service-module ids-sensor 0/1 reset" after I  suspended a session, then i return to the session, but the only think  there is the username prompt...

ohiomike12 by Beginner
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Resolved! file system check recs on new ASAs

Just curious if anyone knows why I'd be seeing these on a new ASAs. The last two I received had these fsck records:f-monona-1# sh flash--#--  --length--  -----date/time------  path  182  16275456    Dec 13 2010 16:46:02  asa821-k8.bin  223  15962112 ...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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