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I have had the Cisco wireless router for a few years not and do not know my locked password to sign on so I have been having to sign on as guest for ever now. That limits me and when the power goes off I have to re sign on. I am locked off my iPad be...

Hi,Can someone explain to me why the below access-list does not work? I've been staring at this a while but can't figure it out, I can't telnet in even though I have allowed the tcp traffic:Extended IP access list NO_TELNET   10 permit tcp host 10.0....

What is Difference Between Static and Dynamic ACL.What is know is.Static ACL are like Standard & Extended that are permanent stored.Dynamic ACL are used to allow user to access Device using Telenor or SSH and then that ACL is activated for certain pe...

helpmeplz by Level 1
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Hello support community,I'm looking for some assistance in configuring ASA and Squid proxy. I have tried bunch of diferent ways to get this working to no avail. Here is the configuration i'm using, and it doesn't see to be working. Do you have any wo...

can any one tel me that is it possible to restrict the access of a cisco anyconnect client based on its location. for example one guy is on vacation out of the country and tries to access the cooperate network, however until now he can access until a...

Hi, just a quick question about best practices for an ASA5520. I'm currently running a pair of these as internal firewall for my organization, and have about 750 rules dictating traffic. A lot of the rules are for individual ports to specific server(...

Hi,We have a requirement to do the following nat on Internet facing ASA,for inbound traffic from internet towards local lan servers.Our ASA is running ver 8.2(2) --> ( private ip & , both on tcp/21 p...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Resolved! ASA QoS Priority

Hey,i have one question!i established VPN between 2 sites allowing VOIP thru the tunnelmy internet speed is 4Mbpsi want to give priority for VOIP and E-mail (SMTP,POP3) during congestion while dropping other packetsdoes my Configuration fit my scenar...

mohdkadie by Level 1
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Hi Everyone,Trying to trace the path going via the ASA  in Multi context Active active Mode.Need to check the port connection between 2 serversServer A is connected to switch 1Server B is connected to Switch 3Here is topologySw1    Sw2   ASA   Sw3ASA...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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