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Hi Guys I have the following setup|| Socks Server || >> Switch1 >> ||Cisco 5520 ASA || -->> | Switch 2| -->> Clients I have a SSH SOCKS tunnel set up on the socks server which is a linux box.When I connect my machine to the switch 2, I am NOT able to...

HiCan somebody help me to explain whats the meaninig of this log appears on asa firewall 5525x deny tcp (no connection) from to flags RSTon interface Upstream and whats the solution to get access from ...

Hi ,My PIX CPU load was normally 30 - 35% and suddenly it got peaked to more than 90%. I did a comparison of CPU process (taken at two intervals of time). Please see the below comparison results of CPU Process:Process NameΔ RuntimeIKE Receiver300vpnf...

Hello, I have a ASA 5505 with the security plus license. I have 7 vlans, 2 are guest vlans for wireless and wired connections.  I am allowing traffic from the guest vlans to any with the http & https protocols I have ACL's in place before the allow a...

Current setup is: Internet drop-point -> 2 ASA5505-SEC-BUN (primary/failover) -> Switch (multiple VLANs) -> machinesCan I use an ASA5510-AIP10-K9 as a dedicated IPS solution? Can I use it in all modes?  (Promiscuous, Inline, Hybrid)I created a few im...

Matt Bell by Beginner
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hi,when i am trying to access the webpage for asdm then the internet explorer is showing "internet explorer can not display the webpage" from the inside interface. following is the show version and show runing config. i checked with asdm 6.2.1 and 6....

nareh84 by Participant
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I just got an ASA 5505 with Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.0(4) alredy loaded on it.  Should I update/upgrade it to the newest IOS release, or is the 8.0(4) good and stable?Kinda new to the ASA world, so any help would be great....

jwood1650 by Beginner
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I have IOS 8.0(4) and the base 50 User License...will this config work?  I have two networks; my home network, and my lab.  I want to split my Internet connection between them, but keep the networks separate for the most part.  Will my license allow ...

jwood1650 by Beginner
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I want to ask this community on how does a cisco asa 5585-x firewall with a bultin IPS module (AIP) would detect DoS / DDoS signatures. My concept or knowledge says that for above mentioned devices , its way to detecting between the two varies about ...

asad ali by Beginner
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