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Hi all,I am looking for a destination NAT configurationI have desktop which is trying to access a server with an IP address ot and it is forwared to firewall and real ip of the server is ( -> trying to access 1...

Does ASA 8.3 support MAC address filtering, I want to allow a single specific laptop to login to the ASA 8.3 firewall (for management) from anywhere on the internet, I know I can do it through VPN but I want a simple MAC address access list or someth...

                Hello                        As i am deploying asa 5505 with dual isp but i am facing with some issues as users are getting IPS via proxy server so what configuration we have to do in ASA or in ASA DHCP so that the users can access ou...

I am having problems accessing the internet when changing route from using outside to DMZ to access the internet. Reason for this change is because I have a FTP-server in DMZ that also needs access to the internet through DMZ.The main server has two ...

Hi All,I am trying to configure an ASA 5505 with a username and password. I set all the pass words:password xxxxxxxenable password xxxxxxxusername xxxxxx password xxxxxxxWhen I reload the device it prompts me for the username, then the password and i...

carterw65 by Beginner
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Hello, I am working on an ASA 5510 on 8.4 IOS and need to know how to limit icmp to just a single host? What I would like to do is be able to PING from the Inside interface 10.X.X.X to host on the Outside, but thats it no other host would be ...

wolfunr04 by Beginner
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