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We are a small ISP and I would like to move our dhcp server inside our firewall and only allow dhcp and icmp to the server. It appears that when I allow it through the access-list and NAT that the requests get to the server and the server offers an I...

Hi all,I have been remotely trying to troubleshoot a site that i just inherited that is running a Pix501, version 6.0(1).  I'm not allowed to gain access to the machines on the network, nor the pix itself for remote access  so I can't test anything. ...

moogeboo1 by Level 1
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Hi All,I have a question about order of NAtting among Static NAT, Dynamic NAT and PATting. If any IP is natted in ASA configuration with Static, dynamic NAT and PAT, then as we know packet would follow the order as below- Static NAT-->Dynamic NAT -->...

Just a quick question regarding dhcp: is there a way to include a space in an option?I need to add thisDhcpd option 130 ASCII Mitel Ip phoneBut it errors out on Ip. Wondering if its doable or if I need to move the scope to a windows server. I thought...

Hi,I am facing problem in implemnting NAT on cisco 8.4the senerio is Inside interface network and is also routed towards inside networkOther network is routed via outside interface.My requirement is to NAT ...

Hello,I have two companies and two different public IPs as well. I have enabled routing between two companies and two compny network can ping each other. I am able able to access company 1 mail server (ip from outside through company...

lzakariya by Level 1
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Hi,What is the largest ACL (actually object group of networks) I can use on a 5510?I'm blocking traffic to/from certain countries. I have one that is about 4,000 lines long that works fine but would like to add others and not sure what the upper limi...

lcaruso by Level 6
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My name is Taibo from Mozambique is my firt time here in this forum.My experience with cisco is MediumI am about to setup a SSL VPN, and the goal is to have centralized authentication with rsa key using OTP.Can any one recomend me best practiceRegard...