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Resolved! ASA downgrade from 8.3 to 8.2

Hi,I want to downgrade my test ASA box from 8.3(2) to 8.2(2)16. I have gone through cisco doc  to know the downgrade command etc. also understand the configuration ch...

Resolved! Microsoft VPN client and GRE

Hello,Trying to access Microsoft VPN (on the internet-outside zone) server from  Microsoft VPN client (inside zone)On ASA - allowed all outbound traffic from inside to outside-internet and all traffic is blocked from internet-outside to internet.VPN ...

ASA 5520 - Issue with static NAT

Hello all,I'm having a weird issue with an ASA 5520 (Ver. 8.2) of a customer. The scanario is as follows:There is a subnet (on a subinterface) "Guest" which basically is allowed unlimited access to the internet. Traffic is source NATed through the AS...

Resolved! Site-to-Site VPN for 3 locations

Hi all,I have some doubts about site-to-site IPSec VPN (3 sites):- Currently Ihave VPN tunnel between two sites and its working fine. If I want to add third site, so it will be a full mesh, can I use same interface that used before OR I have to creat...

Resolved! Second internal interface ASA 5510

I am trying to setup a second internal network using interface 0/2 on the ASA.  Basically, where I am at now is:ASAINTERFACE ETHERNET0/0nameif outsidesecurity-level 0ip address x.x.x.130 ETHERNET0/1nameif insidesecurity-level...

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IPS/IDS design que

Hi,Design Description:We have a 6500 series switch where my ISP Point-to-Point link got terminated. Where we have configured OSPF on the 6500 series switch to have all the roots from ISP.We are getting 3 numbers of /24 public IP subnet Pool for my se...

ASA error syslog message

We are the getting below log messages from our 5520 ( 8.4.2 - HA pair) and they are failing over to each other. what causes this error and Is there any work around for this.May 25 2012 08:21:27: %ASA-4-411005: Interface GigabitEthernet0/2 experienced...

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