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Hi Folks,We have "ASA 5510" '1'  box installed at our corporate and we need to configure VPN for remote and mobile users. Can anyone provide any cisco links for sample config and where I can get knowledge to configure this.We will be using Cisco VPN ...

Hi Folks,Can I use Same public ip for two different internal ips with different ports and can i user same public ip for two different internal ips with same portsstatic (inside,outside) tcp 6303 6303 netmask 255.255.255....

Hi,i want  to  Use  Cisco AP 1142 in  my network. Also  new to the enterprise  edition  AP.I have configured AP  WEB  mode  the SSID  and  able  to connect  without  the Security Key. Also  want to  enable  MAC Address filter  on the APplease help an...

We have a Cisco ASA 5520We are attmpting to setup RRAS on Windows 2008R2 using L2TP. Server is on the inside of the network at our ASA is its outside interface is I set a static NAT rule to allow all traffic poin...

The cisco reps told us in July, ASA version 9 would be released around Sept 20th. That didn't happen, does anyone know when it will be relased?                  

clark.d by Beginner
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     I am attemtping to run csutil -u on ACS for windows and when I do, I receive the following error:Can not initialize SchemeLayerI ensure that the account had administrative rights and I stopped the CSAUTH service with the same errors.Any help wou...

dpatkins by Beginner
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Hi,Wondering if anyone else has seen the following issue... We has 2 5520 ASA's running 8.4(3) HA in routied mode with 2 contexts and randomly after weeks and weeks of running perfectly it decied to stop dealing with new connections from new hosts.  ...

Resolved! Proxy arp on ASA

We have a printer which is connected to the core router through a switch and the core router is connected to ASA to the internet.Now sometimes we lose ping connectivity on the printer and it comes back up after 5-10 minutes and it stays live  for 15 ...

With the below config, since there is no "nat" for DMZ3, what will that interface see as the source address for traffic getting to servers from the outside interface?global (outside) 1 interfaceglobal (DMZ2) 1 interfaceglobal (DMZ3) 1 interfaceglobal...

have an issue with accessing other asa's and network equipment from behind an asa that is connected to the network i need to access via vpn.  I have the asa able to access the network but for some reason am not able to.  Anyone have a solution?

kylebqmacs by Beginner
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Hi,I have a problem with ASDM connection to ASA 5520 cluster.When I'm trying to connect the ASDM shows: "Contacting the device. Please wait..." and nothing happen.The http server is enabled with default port.Both cluster members after restart.Cisco A...

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