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An ACL has been applied on the inside interface to of the ASA 8.4 but it is not working. The aim of this list to allow only a few host for outside access and deny rest of the hosts for outside access. The syntex of the access list is access-list ACL-...

rehan_uet by Level 1
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                  Dear friends,I have one server-A(windows 2008) installed one application called"host front" which gives athentication to connect Linux(mainframe console)server(SERVER B).These 2 servers are bihind the firewall.If one  internal user ...

Hi!I have the problem with resource limitation on Cisco ASA.I want to set the limit for xlates as a percentage, not as an absolute value. But I can't do it.As I can see the output of command syntax, then this feature should be maintained:ASA(config-c...

Since the ASA, by default, has a global inspection policy enabled that uses the default-inspection-traffic class-map, what is the best way to apply additional policies on the system while retaining this global policy?Let's say I want the system to ta...

According to Cisco dumentation (, the ASA is equipped with two default class-mapsclass-map inspection_default match default-inspection-trafficandclass-map class-default match an...

I just recently took over here and was trying to gain access to the two sensors we have in the environment.  I was able to log into one, but when I tried to login to the second sensor, it gave me a strange error (see screenshot).  Im using the Cisco ...

lukeprimm by Level 1
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I have ASA5505 configured with internal network as  and default gateway the inside network, i'm able to access internet and able to ping all website (enabled ping).   and all internel  network devices can ping each other...

mmuthiah72 by Level 1
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Resolved! PAT ASA 5520

Hi guys,I have to configure a Cisco ASA 5520. The goal is to forward the traffic arriving to the port 400 of the OUTSIDE interface to the port 22 of a server behind the INTERNAL interface (Ip So far quite easy... at least on every firew...

Dear All,              Today i received FWSM from cisco (RMA), I need to configure it as standby unit for existing FWSM active/standby setup.IOS on RMAed FWSM is 2.3.4 and  cisco VSS supports FWSM IOS 4.0.4 and later.My issue is, I cannot access FWSM...

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