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                  I currently have a Cisco 5510 runing on my network. I have just ordered a second 5510 for failover.I would like to to ensure that when I configure HA the live config gets sync'd and not the blank/brand new config. Otherwise I'll loo...

I have pix 515e  Version 6.3(5). After installing it, it worked well for like 2-3 hours and all of a sudden stopped working. There were no crashes as such.The firewall  had an external IP address of with a default route pointed to whi...

mukundh86 by Level 1
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Hi Expertshow to stops teamviewer, i have users let others colleague access their PCs in the the company from home using the innternet, i have asa 5540 with an acl applied on the outside interface facing the CE Router,how to block this kind of access...

We changed over our internet connection to fibre, and started using our 501 pix for pppoe. The problem I am having is that the PPPoE appears to be working, however no computer on the network can access the internet. From the PIX I can ping,pi...

markr by Level 1
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Hello experts,I have upgraded my ASA5540 form 8.2(2) to 8.4(2) and I have run into this logging issue.previously I was logging the message ID: 713906 and could get this information:group name, public address, assigned local address, username which id...

rdianat by Level 1
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Hi,I have a ASA with Inside ( & DMZ ( Interfaces.I need to access one of server in DMZ ( from Inside using NAT.I have following NAT command enteredstatic (dmz,inside) this syntax correct. If yes,...

For ASA v8.3 and above we don't need to use nat-controll, traffic from high security interface can go to low security interface without matching NAT statements.So does the ASA automatically NAT s the outgoing traffic to the outside interface by defau...

dmz -192.168.10.x      inside -172.16.x.x.192.168.10.x is natted to a public ip 202.x.x.x for outside to access 192.168.10.x i have created accesslist with name outstatic (inside,outside) 202.x.x.x 192.168.10.x netmask out ...

I'm in the process of upgrading our ASA 5520's from 8.2 to 8.4.  I have sufficient memory installed and have read many posts in this forum on different upgrade strategies.  I have an active/standy configuration and have settled on upgrading the stand...

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