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change external ip remotely

I need to change an asa external ip address remotely, usually when we do this type of thing with the routers we reload in 5min and if the new ip does not kick in for some reason and we loose connection, reload in 5min takes care of it.Question is : i...

Resolved! CISCO ASA 707-k8 NAT giving tough time

I have been working with ASA from last 3 years, but this one made me madits 5510 with base license.broswing not workingnat (inside) 1 access-list permitallglobal (outside) 1 58.65.x.xand nat not working.Capture shows packet leaving outside, but they ...

Static NATS on FWSM Contexts

Hello,Resposting this since no replies were recieved for the earlier postI am just designing a solution where a FWSM consists of 2 contexts initially and has a shared outside interface pointing to the 6500 switch. There are 3 subnets connected to eac...

Restoring ASA 5505 configuration

Hi,I have got a working 5505 ruinning 8.3.1 firmware and 6.3.1 ASDM.I have now purchased a second unit and ensured that both units are running the same firmware levels etc.I have via the ASDM created a backup of the working units configuration, and n...

ASA FO/State Link supported over MPLS?

Hi Team!I am after any advice previous experience with running ASA5585’s in active/standby across a local campus MPLS network. Supported design, leading practice etc.Specifically our design is that two ASA5585 are configured as active/standby through...

tlenzenh by Cisco Employee
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Dynamic NAT with Overload command

Hello Guys,Due to some reasons I am looking forward to use Dynamic Nat on a Router along with Overload command.ip nat pool IZone 83.X.164.68 83.X.164.127 netmask nat inside source list 100 pool IZone overloadaccess-list 100 permi  i...