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Dear, we have PIX-525, below show version, wenever I am opening using the browser I am getting certificate ERROR and massege " Laoding PIX devise manager. Please wait.." an d I keep waiting for long time but it didnt open. anyone can helpThanksPIX-52...

alshamlan by Beginner
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I need to get all base ACLs that have a hit count of 0. The problem is that I have object-groups in my acl that get broken down. The problem is that I need the base rule and not 1500 subrules under that. Is there a way that I can get that from the cl...

Hi,we are having a firewall asa 5520 .we have connected the  management port and inside port to internal network and dmz port to dmz we need to configure tacacs and other management tool on dmz devices through management port. The problem...

Hi all,I am currently writing up the procedure for doing this upgrade on our current firewalls (active/standby failover pair) and wanted to confirm a few things.1     We are upgrading from 8.2(2) to 8.4(2) so need to run "no names" and "no nat-contro...

Resolved! asa 5505

hi,can someone please tell me what the user specification with the asa5505 means.there is a 50 user and an unlimited license with the asa5505. with 50 user does this mean that only 50 user can work simultaneously over the asa, or what?thanks,florian

flokki123 by Participant
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HelloCisco documentation is unclear:if i have two members in redundant interface both connected to the same switch/vlan, on switch both ports are UP (no shut),what is a state of physical interfaces on ASA ?Are both ports UP ? Or ASA shutdown one of t...

Hello All,I've looked through this site on multiple occasions and there has already been topics or questions that helped resolve mine however this one that I'm having doesn't appear to be anywhere. I'm having a problem with our 6500 and our FWSM. The...

Hello, I am new to the site so hello to everyone. Unfortunately I am also relatively new to firewalls and could do with some help. I am working on an ASA5505 and am trying to open the ftp port. I have a server ( on the local LAN which ...

Hello,I'm looking into upgrading my WAN link to 100Mb via Fast Ethernet link. I'm waiting to hear from ISP about what exact technology they use, but according to my manager they will be coming in over fiber and then terminate to copper. I currently h...

forman102 by Beginner
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