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Hello all,I have a question related to internet access management to some users through firewall device. These users are on a common LAN with many other data points, but are segregated in a separate VLAN.Assuming my project has many VLANs, like:- Vla...

MIA87 by Beginner
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Hi all,Currently we got FTD managed through FMC ( Due to resource constrained, thinking of two options. Option 1 - Install new security module to the chassis and add to the existing firewall(existing is 9300 SM-24 installed natively )       ...

~Saj~ by Beginner
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Hello... I have one FTD 1150 registered to FMC on the production environment, and I have bought another FTD 1150 with the same license to be used on HA scenario... so can I just add the new device to the FMC ?? or is there are some requirements to de...

a.aljiledi by Beginner
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So Cisco's recommended release of FMC/FTD is 7.01 but 7.1 is available..  is there any REAL good reason to go to 7.1? like any new features that would push someone to move to that version?  just wondering.. Thanks.  

Lee Dress by Beginner
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