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Hi  I need to migrate multiple FTDs management to a newer FMC from current FMC. Current FMC IP is Over VPN to manage the FTD Devices at remote end. In the New plan we will use WAN IP as new Mgmt IP.  Please provide some reference link so I can review...

MSJ1 by Level 1
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Hi, I am setting up network tunnels for a customer to Umbrella.  They need multiple tunnels configured as they need more than the 250Mbps bandwidth one tunnel allows for.  They want the tunnels to terminate at the same datacenter and both tunnels wil...

Dear Community,I'm asking for you guidance. I have come across a challenge on Cisco ASA version 9.8. Need to allow a web server to be access outside(Public) from DMZ Zone to Ouside Zone.  Per below configuration template. Nat is transilating but acce...

dissai by Level 1
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