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Hello,I actually have a config like this :Main Site  -- cisco 3750 -- ISP SDSL router -- ISP MPLS -- ISP SDLS router -- cisco 2821 -- Remote Site                                                                         |                               ...

dufour001 by Beginner
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I am trying to find a signature that will tell my IPS to notify me when it sees any IP source address come from the network behind my IPS that was not in that subnet range.  Is there an existing signature I may have looked over in my IPS or has anyon...

hi Dears i have configuration at asa at version 8.2access−list policy−nat extended permit ip static (inside,outside) access−list policy−nat i want to write this commands at 8.4(1) how i ...

I am trying to get my PIX at home to work with my home network.  I have right now a modem hooked into WAN port of the linksys wireless router.  I'm trying to put my PIX in between.I have hooked laptop straight into the modem to get network

I want to bundle two interfaces together. I configured Etherchannel on ASA. User the following procedure to configure it on VMware: interface does not come up. I...

sansari by Beginner
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Hello,can anybody explain me this issue?I have ASA firewall, load-balancer ACE 4710 and some real servers connected to same vlan (dmz). Sometimes ACE lost connectivity to real server. Reason is wrong ARP record on ACE - when ACE broadcasts arp reques...

Can anyone give an example of letting traffic pass from an inside interface to the DMZ without NAT?  Now that "no nat-control" has been deprecated and you can't do a static(dmz,inside) tyoe statement anymore, I haven't found a good...

evermore1 by Beginner
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