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Hi All     Our company is in the process of replacing our old firewall with a Cisco ASA since our old firewall can handle only 170 concurrent users and we are expanding fast. Can I know what are the considerations when selecting from the different mo...

Can anyone tell me where or not the NM-IPS-K9 on a 3800 series router runs SNMP and if it does what version of SNMP?  I am currently running sensor OS 7.0(2)E4.  I would also like to know how you find that information on the module itself.

lei.silva by Beginner
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I have a pix 515 with 3 interfaces running pix software 7.1(1)e0 outside 3ffe:xxxx::101/64e1 frontporch 3ffe:xxxx:1:101/64e2 inside 3ffe:xxxx:2:101/64All interfaces have ipv6 enabled and neighbor discovery disabled and router advertisment is suppress...

llexuss by Beginner
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I'm running ASDM on a Windows XP virtual machine.  I set the Windows resolution to 1500x1024, which almost fills my entire monitor, yet the font size is still too small to easily read in ASDM.  I increased everything I could in the Windows Control Pa...

jimmyc_2 by Beginner
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HiI have a couple of ASA 5505's which work fine for what they are doing VPN and all that - we have 1 DLINK DFR-700 Firewall left and I need to get a new ASA to replace this since it is old.All this box really does is port forward external clients to ...

HiI'm trying to get PIM SM working throug an ASA.  All works as expected on the side of the firewall where the source (IPTV Server) residesbut am getting nothing on the inside interface.  The traffic originated on a lower security interface.I have th...

I want to know whether NAT transition happens first or the routing happens first in PIX?  As per my knowledge NATing happens first but when I tried the packet tracer tool in Cisco ASDM it shown like taking the Routing decision first.  Can any one con...

Dear..I have been working with ASA 5510,20,40,80 but not with 5505...this vlan and its interfaces are quite confusing.Just want to know how it works and its connectivity to Cisco Switch.1) Do i have to put the interface of the switch in the same vlan...

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