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while using the Cisco Security Manager, I am trying to allow a range of udp ports, like I would for tcp doesn't seem to want to let there a certain syntax i need to use? I get an Error box, "Services - Incorrect Value Entered. You have...

Hi,My customer got a error while installed new IPS signature : Cannot upgrade software on the sensor.Target system's license date is too old to process the config with the version S561.0I guess the license key was expired and not installed new licens...

jackson.ku by Participant
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Hi All,I had a problem:-I am having ASA 5520 & a static natting is applied on it.static (inside,outside) netmask service reseller tcp port-object eq wwwaccess-list acl_outside extended permit t...

Following situation.ASA 8.2 NAT/dns statement:static (inside,outside) tcp interface smtp smtp netmask  dnsHow can I reflect this static in 8.3?I only do have the "interface" as the ouside IP!

Problem:We’re facing issues with mapping network drives on our client pc’s (Windows-XP & Win-7). We’re mapping the drives with windows Group-Policy’s (GPO’s), this only works while the pc is in the login-phase – hence a gpupdate /force after login wi...

stormfidus by Beginner
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Hello Dears,I have a 2 No's NAC Manager and 1 No's NAC server, Our Network is Cisco three tier:  Access> Distribution >Core. Distribution switch is doing inter vlan routing and layer 3 connecting (OSPF) between the core and the distribution and amoun...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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We'll be implementing Cisco NAC guest server for Guest Wireless users, ( Model #3310),  the question is do we need to configure separate physical interface for User authentication requests( from Wireless ) and a separate  Interface for Guest server t...

hii m configuring Asa 5510 with nat. i have some internal servers. my clients requirement is to hide the original loacl ip of servers. thats why i using static nat. so the outside world only know the real ip(x.x.x.x), then it is natted into a server ...