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Hi,I was wondering if someone could help with an issue I am experiencing at the moment with IME events.I have two sensors (AIP-SSM-10's) installed with the lastest engine and signature versions, linking back to IME.  If I connect using IDM I can see ...

Hi there. I have a strange issue.I have a ASA 5505 with some clients behind it who connects to an offsite database.They run the application all day, but for longer periods of times, ie 1-2 hours they are idle in the application.When they start using ...

j-tagesson by Level 1
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Hi,I am an AM. My team and i are planning to deploy a NAC POC. I request for help fo a test plan to guide us through. Could someone please assist us.Kindest regards,

HII an using ASA 5505 in my network. I have two ISP . I want to configure Daul ISP. So that when Primary goes down, Backup ISP can handle down time.But after whole Configration , when I put my primary ISP Down, Backup ISP external IP start pinging ou...

Our ASA5550 was croaking last night and eventually I figured out it was getting blasted by UDP SIP packets:                                       From IP             To IP1186    09:51:09.670894    SIP    Request: RE...

wsanders1 by Level 1
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We are unable to get VPN passthrough to our SBS 2003 server.  Here is the design of our current network.Cable Modem - ASA5510 (outside)ASA5510 (inside) - DLINK wireless router (WAN) portDLINK - Catalyst 2960E switchSBS 2003 - switchI have addeed acce...

I will be using an ASA on a customer site as a simple failover of an IOS based router mpls provider path. The ASA will have its own vpn tunnel path via a cable modem to the main HQ site for just one branch.I wanted to automate the failover if the cus...

Resolved! ECLB with IPS 4270

Can anyone explain how traffic flows with the ECLB setup. I am not understanding how traffic flows and if the user gateway vlans should be on the switch or on the IPS. Thanks.

Hello Dears, Exchange 2010 comes with 3 servers,,  2 servers for internal network and  1  external network ..  External server with 2 NIC cards  1 in DMZ (external) that will  transfer mail to outside world  and 1 connected to core switch  (internal...

Hi.I have problems with an ASA 5510 and GRE.I can't make a gre tunnel from the inside network to a host on the internet. I only get to the part where I have to enter the username and password and there it breaks. I get a teardown gre connection in th...