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dmz design help

Hey,I have 2 x pix515e's to setup. This is for a colo so there are no workstations/users on the lan/secured int. However i do have sql servers that i would like to keep out of the dmz from the web servers. should i setup the pix with 3 interfaces: 1 ...

Reflexive access-lists

Just a quick open question I hope.After recently reading about reflexive access-lists on Routers I was wondering if they are required on Cisco PIX or ASAs?Or is this kind of thing taken care of as default behavious on a security module such as this?T...

ASA Outbound Access Problem

good morning guys! we recently procured an ASA-5510 app. went thru the ASDM Setup wizard with External and Internal config. public and private IP's already established. accdg to the ASA doc, internal clients should be immediately able to get outb...

Resolved! ASA - Translate Destination IP only?

Hello All,I have a public IP and port ( that is translated to a private IP:static (inside,outside) netmask ACL applied inbound on the outside interface permits any hosts to question is c...

GRE tunnel and static route issue

Hello,I've faced to an interesting thing at my GRE tunnels.sometime packets which I've defined a static route to tunnel as below don't route to GRE tunnel.ip route x.x.x.x Tunnel0but when I remove it and add it after a short time it r...

mehrdad by Participant
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One way audio ASA

Our setup is this. Call comes in via SIP Trunk, routes to CallManager through ASA and back out through to the remote site via VPN. Yeah, it's a complex setup I know. The problem is that when a caller calls and gets connected with a user, the calli...

ASA log - Deny tcp fin ack on int mgmt

While in ASDM via the management interface, I get ASA log entries every 30 seconds with 'deny TCP (no connection) from *** to ***/443 flags FIN ACK on interface management'. Operation of ASDM is not impacted, but I'd like to correct this if possible...

mlpalmer by Beginner
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ASA 5520 version 8.0(4)

Dear All,I am thinking to configure a Policy Nat associated to a Static Identity Nat in order to exclude my internal networks from nat.access-list POI_NET1_POLICY_NAT extended permit tcp object-group mail2 eq wwwstatic (insi...

ifabrizio by Beginner
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DMZ vs Public Sever option in 8.2

Could someone explain the real differences between these two options on the ASA 8.2 release? I know a DMZ is assigned a different security level and the device has a real public IP assigned to it where the Public Server option is a server with a inte...

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