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After migrating the configuration from the FWSM module to an FTD appliance, is there a specific process that needs to be followed so the traffic no longer flows to the FWSM? Is there a shutdown command, or do I simply shutdown each interface? 

Scott_22 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA corrupted IOS

Hi,I made mistake with upgrade of ASA 5555. Both ASA are down as a result... I need help to understand get a loadable image to the ASA. I have a console cable to a remote laptop, and I'm wondering if xModem can be performed on a ASA. I have reached, ...

Hello,I use two Firepower 2130 units in high-availability mode (FDM-managed) to interconnect two LANs.Each LAN has a redundant connection to each Firepower appliance, which involves two different switches.I  know that redundant interfaces are current...

I have an ASA running 8.0(4).  I am auditing the connections that are flowing through the firewall.  I have done this by adding an 'ip any any log' rule to the end of my configued ACL's so that I can see what type of traffic is not matching.What I am...

pwu by Beginner
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We have Firepower 2110 running 6.7 i HA managed by FMC. Anyconnect client profile have been added to the current group policy, but new users who have not installed anyconnect before will not get the profile downloaded before after they have been conn...

steiostb1 by Beginner
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I am curious, for all the Allow rules, does the order of the access control policy affect the platform in a large way? What I mean is if there are a few hundred rules, is it important to put the most active flows at the top of the list and the rules ...

Alex-Pr by Beginner
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Hello, everyone We have Cisco Firepower 1010 with ASA in appliance mode. Can we manage FXOS via ASDM or FMC and using IPS? Like Firepower on 55xx-X Models. The documentation saying: Unsupported FeaturesGeneral ASA Unsupported FeaturesThe following AS...

TUWATCHER by Beginner
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Hello  I would like to ask if the latest file of VDB Update in FMC includes the previous ones? I have a couple of file to install Do I have to install them all?Or the latest one will suffice? Thanks and regards, Konstantinos

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