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Hi guys, ASA5545 with IPS ModuleThe ASA is running ASA-9.14(3)11The Firepower modules are While troubleshooting an SNMP polling issue I came across this buggy behaviour> SFR dropping SNMP UDP packets, When we change SFR mode to monitor only ...

Shazz by Level 1
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Hi, could somebody help me and tell me if is possible to configure ASA 5516 (just ASA, not firepower, we have firepower shutdown) traffic shaping in way that each user can use maximum of 80% of uplink speed for downloads (in case of single download) ...

Tibor M by Level 1
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I can't get my User Agent to add my FMC. Every time I do, I get this message in the logs: [0003] - Error connecting to FMC MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException (0x80004005): Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts. I don't k...

csmith211 by Level 1
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Hey all,I got a "new to me" 5520 and I am trying to download and setup ADSM, but I am getting nothing but the "connection reset" error from all browsers. I have used the following commands and this is the versions: http server enable 4443http 192.168...

ASA 5516Cisco ASA software version 9.6(4)41Device manager version 7.9(1) I've been unable to access the ASDM through the ASDM-IDM nor https. When I try to login, it throws "unable to launch device manager IP #.#.#.#". When I view the Java log, I find...

Hello Cisco community We have an ASA5585 running multiple context mode 9.12 Can we migrate to Firepower 4100 chassis running ASA mode running 9.16?  (running muli-context on ASA while on Firepower chassis 4112) Just checking we can copy the config in...

#TCN by Level 1
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Hello all, I receive alerts from FMC ( - Below is an example of one alert I recently received: [1:58742:7] "SERVER-OTHER Apache Log4j logging remote code execution attempt" [Impact: Potentially Vulnerable] From "ASA-5516X" at Tue Apr  5 18:00...

MauryJ by Level 1
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Upgraded FTD code on SM-44 inside a 9300 to from 6.6.1.  FXOS version is  After FTD upgrade and placing interfaces back inline, we instantly experienced large packet loss going south to north and vice versa through all interfaces o...

md9 by Level 1
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