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DMZ - Cablevision static IP service

Hi,We purchased Cablevision static IP address and cablemodem service and want to install an external DNS server and an SMTP relay service for an internal Exchange server. The static IP service came with 5 public IP addresses and an 851 router that ca...

DMZ Setup

Hello,I am trying to get a DMZ setup on my ASA 5510. The only device that will reside in this DMZ is a VPN device that will be accessed both by my internal hosts and by an external vendor. I configured a dedicated interface on the ASA for this DMZ....

edunn by Beginner
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Failover pix upgrade

Am upgrading a production pair (failover pair) of Pix 525 to 6.3(5125) in next few days. (Also am rationalising exisiting rulebase). Any caveats on doing this upgrade with a failover pair? Thanks

peter-net by Beginner
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asa 5510 security context

Would like to know the exact functionality of Security context in ASA.I need to create some 30-35 vlan on subinterface of the firewall.According to daga sheet ASA5510 with security plus licenses support only 25 Vlans.Is it the limit or something else...

itindia by Beginner
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Resolved! Turn off SSL on ASA possible?

hi,As far as I know I don't think I use SSL on my 5520 ASA, but how can I check?The thing is I have run a Qualys security scan against our ASA's Outside interface and I get 2 SSL vulnerabilities back.I can't work out how it's finding these and wheth...

whiteford by Beginner
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Resolved! AIP-SSM-20 Upgrade

Trying to upgrade an AIP-SSM-20.We have 2 ASA's in a failover configuration, the upgrade on the secondary AIP-SSM-20 was successful.On the primary AIP-SSM-20 we are getting the following error when trying to upgrade via FTP from the same server that ...

jstemke by Beginner
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NAC-VLAN Mapping

Hi guys,I'm currently configuring NAC for my network. I have selected VGOOB deployment. I have 14 VLANs with IDs 21 through 34. My trusted servers are on VLAN 1. Do i need other 14 VLANs for authentication(i.e VLANs to map my access VLANs)? Each VLAN...

Track VPN User Assigned IP Address

Folks I have a customer that has a requirement to track the IP Address a VPN user is assigned upon connecting to their ASA.I have looked at the 'logging list' and while that works by sending syslog messages it sends ipsec and ike which is a huge amou...

IDSM SPAN and filter on destination

GreetingsWhen I set up a SPAN session with a regular TP interface as a destination I am able to allow specific VLANs on the destination trunk port. This does not work for me when I try the same setup with the IDSM data port as the destination. Has an...

hoffa2000 by Participant
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