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ASA statistics and analyzer

Hi,i need a small ASA analyzer that can tell me each IP usage in my network, i had a situation today in which there is a high traffic usage from my office and i couldn't know from which pc , i did show conn but i couldn't know who this pc was.thank y...

josephium by Beginner
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Resolved! PIX site to site and remote access

Dear guysi have an PIX 515e with 8.0 version and in the other side a 2811 router, the site to site vpn between these two device is established, but i want some remote client can connect to pix ,so is this possibe two implement site to site and remote...

emadehsan by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Crypto ACL

Hi @all,i've a l2l vpn between 2 pixes [7.2(2)]. Now i'm trying to limit the vpn traffic to telnet (biderectional). I've tried it with the acl:pix1:access-list 111 line 1 extended permit tcp host range 1024 65535 host eq telne...

i.anfrage by Beginner
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Unable to ping

Hi,We have pix 535, 6 interfaces, active stanby mode.In that 2 of the primary pix interfaces unable to ping from Secondary pix and vis versa.In that particular interface status are normal. Even i have checked with rebooting pix also.but i am finding ...

sureshkum by Beginner
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Stop SSH over HTTPS ?

Hi guys,I have Cisco ASA-SSM-20 deployed INLINE.I can cut any traffic without any problems except SSHv2 over HTTP or HTTPS.Implementation ? -, you can make an HTTPS tunnel, then SSH over HTTPS and a...

coredumpbp by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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Remote VPN on ASA5520 problem ?

i create remote vpn on asa5520 to inside its work, i can use resource (server) in inside ok but i can't ping to firewall's interface inside. and when i add static nat on asa5520 when i remote vpn it's cann't work i cannot use resource(server) in insi...

configuret DMZ on ASA 5505

Hi, all!Can anyone help me with it?I am trying to conf. so that the inside and outside client can connect to the http server in the DMZ zone I can ping from the http server to the dmz interface and back to the http server.Her is the config I have add...

hatric123 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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PIX/ASA static nat command

Hello fellow ciscoers,My question relates to the use of the netmask command within the PIX/ASA. When used does this only translate the appropriate bits in the original ip address to the desired NAT address? For example:If configure as follows:stati...

nsheridan by Beginner
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ASA 8.x - Default Route, RRI

Hello -We have an ASA running EIGRP on the inside interface. We have a static route to the internet out the outside interface.We also have numerous VPN subnets with RRI enabled on this ASA. We want to redistribute the static RRI routers into EIGRP, b...

brobinson by Beginner
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