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Folks,  I am trying to initiate a ping from my FMC Cli but I do not see Ping command available in CLISH mode.. All I see >ConfigureExitShowSystem When type system. Sytem>   It will give other options but No Ping,  configureexitexpertgenerate-troubles...

Hi everybody! I'm trying to wrap my head around a network design shown in the attachment. Essentially, it will be hub and spoke utilizing the FP2100 platform funning FTD. I haven't used FTD before and I'm having trouble getting the 'Gray Site to Site...

jewell2j by Beginner
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Hi, Can anyone point us in the right direction to setup Policy Based Routing on an fpr1140 via the FDM? We cant use the FMC as we dont have a virtual platform compatible (Hyper-V). The FPR's are running software version 6.6.0, according to this artic...

andy_4578 by Beginner
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Hi All,I have setup a SSL decryption Known key to protect our web servers.Seems like it's working as events show most SSL connections are "Decrypt (Known Key)" in SSL Status, and show URL details.However, there are still some SSL connections are "Do ...

Roy Lee by Beginner
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 Hi Community,I want to know if I can route traffic from inside to inside in the cisco ASA 5506.Context : (See picture added)I have 2 LAN in the building and the 2 LAN use the same ASA 5506 for internet and others purposes.I want users of LAN A to jo...

2021-04-09 09_30_31-ASA-fortigate.png
pascalfand by Beginner
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Has anyone been able to complete a vulnerability scan on the Firepower devices (2110) and FMC?  I've been reviewing this issue for about a year and want to pick it up again.  We fixed our scanning of ESXi hosts, but we're still having issues with Fir...

dewey89 by Beginner
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Hi, I have some question regarding reimage FTD. We have a model Cisco 5545. The current version is 5.4.0-764 and plans to upgrade to 6.6.1. The question is can we use the backup current version after reimaging to 6.6.1? Since the path is very long, w...

m.azlan by Beginner
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