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helloPlease try to open on me firewall 5506-x the OpenVPN UDP port 1194, but without success.Define the machine and port, also double check the udp port, no chance. access-list outside_access_in line 1 extended permit udp any host eq 119...

We are running version 9.1 of ASA code. I am having trouble allowing traceroute through the ASA. I don't need the ASA to be a hop in that traceroute. I have issue the fixup commands for icmp and icmp error. I have allowed ICMP, Echo, Echo Reply, time...

I am using algosec fireflow for policy deployment in ASA firewalls.. algosec requires grouping of multiple IPs/Services into a single object.. for ex.. source,  destination , ,  service : https , ssh , http I n...

Dear all,  I have a customer that want to use the ASA image on the  We have a customer that want to use the ASA image on two 2130 in HA mode and also use multiple contexts.   Do we need to buy the context license for two boxes or just one?   BR   And...

Hi,on friday I tried to upgrade to asa9-14-2-15 and asa9-14-2-13.Currently we are on asa9-14-1-30. Because of the newly published vulnerabilites I wanted to upgrade.It it an Failover cluster. After pushing the file on the machines and putting it at f...

hash2k2 by Beginner
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Resolved! FMC Backup Files

Hello Everyone, We have a FMC 2500, and I noticed that its backuping twice the configuration files.The first time is on the folder we specified and the other is under "sf-storage". I wonder if its because the "Remote Storage Device" is configured and...

We're are implementing 802.1X on our network. They want a generated CSR from our VTC endpoints(EX90's,C series and Room kits). My question is, can these endpoint generate a CSR or does a separate infrastructure device do that ie. CUCM,TMS,VCSThanks f...

Hello Everyone, I'm setting up a lab with a Cisco 1941 router and I'm practising with Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall. There is enough documentation about how to set it up but not really on best practises regarding the implementation of policies. Does ...

danielsffs by Beginner
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