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Iam trying to connect to client server tho' GVC client. But I fail to connect and getting error message %PIX-3-305006: regular translation creation failed for protocol 50 src inside:xxxx dst outside:xxxxI have conigured PAT for Internet access and do...

Hi,First off this is my first Site 2 site I have setup from start to finish. I want to setup tunnel with a client to access there mainframe. My inside addresses allowed thur will be 192.168.x.x/29, and access 2 IP on the clients side. In PDM I cre...

rrutledge by Level 1
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I need a way to monitor router interfaces status with history records.I configure the router snmp-server trap-source f0/0snmp-server host there any option that can help me to monitor all the sites router interfaces.I'm also using wt's u...

osamoz by Level 1
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hi, am having trouble configuring a 506e firwall which is currently setup in a lab, i think there is a problem with the acl's or the static routing but not sure so here is the config.thanksAlex

handley88 by Level 1
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we began hosting our company website today. All the necessary changes were made at the Domain Registar. You can view our website from outside our corporate network, but I'm getting a 404 timeout error when trying to the view our website from inside o...

Bendotti1 by Level 1
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My current design requires both "ra" and "l2l" on the same box. I understand that I need to define crypto map for each, and the "ra" requires dynamic crypto map. My question is that which crypto map I should assign a lower number, "l2l" or "ra". I...

h.xia by Level 1
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we have a site-to-site VPN with our client based Dubai, unfortunately we are having an overlapping issue between the link.Client IP pool i.e. is the same as our DMZ pool we assigned. It is not possible for the Client to change their ne... by Level 1
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hi guys, when i m defining a transform set we usually enter the security parameters like esp-sha-md5, but normally it requires total of 2 or more parameters, but when i enter esp-des it accepts it !!! why doesnt hashing was required ???

Hi everybody, A customer wants to configure different groups of webvpn profiles. group 1 and group 2 only depends on 2 local user accounts with only 2 url sides. authentication of group 1 and 2 should be the local asa useraccounts. group 3 is the def...

HiI have a ASA 5510 with a CSC-SSM and i have special question concerning the CSC features.I would like to use a different set of CSC features for two types of traffic.--> Standard Workplaces (Source Subnet 1), URL blocking, threath/virus protection-...