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Hi guys,Just implemented cisco ACS 4.0 in my network and I didn't have any problems with routers and switches. but when it came to PIX firewalls, i realised i couldn't log on directly to priviledge mode. i had to go there manually. this is possible o...

Could someone point me to some docs on in comparing the use of a Secure IOS on a router & using a cisco firewall? I want to use an ISR w/secure ios if possible but not sure if I can lock down the outside of the network as well as I could w...

smckenna by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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I need a configure the IPS send a email when it happens a security event medium or high. Actually I have a Network Monitor System with the Orion Tool (Solarwinds). The IPS can send email independent or is needed to obtain some trap? What I can do?

I want to write a simple network management application which can grab the statistics from Cisco router using SNMP.Any body have any experience writing such program?Which pogramming languages should I use? C++/VB,..?

after1111 by Level 1
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Im having issues connecting my PIX 501 through another company's 3030 to reach their FTP server. The specifics are: remote company outside (peer ip adx) 192.x.3.10local host : settings:3desgroup 2espsha1-hmacIPSEC SA Forced key ex...

sanchezej by Level 1
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Hi all,I have noticed that there is a big amount of questions and troubleshooting issues when it's about combining several PIX features like address translation, encryption ...So can someone give us the order of operation in the PIX for inbound and o...

abdel_n by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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Hi there,I have been asked if it possible to replace an old 800 series router with a modern pix, i am looking into replacing it with the entry level pix the 501, my question is, the router has 2 ip addresses on the inside interface is it possible to ...

kenm by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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IDSM2 with IPS5.1 (on cat65K sup 720 IOS 12.2SXF) will support ? Inline ? mode.But does it support ? blocking? as well ? ??? CCO document says ?Supervisor 720 with Cisco IOS supports VACL deny statements; however, IDSM-2 cannot block with Cisco IOS...

rkumares by Cisco Employee
  • 2 replies
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Hello,I am currently trying to configure sub-interfaces on an ASA 5520. I have a Dell switch that I will be attaching it to which only supports GARP VLAN Registration Protocol(GVRP). I was just wondering if it is possible for me to switch the trunki...

chrisbicm by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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I have a need to establish a secure tunnel between two sites by using two routers, or two PIX525 firewalls, or two VPN3030 concentrators; the equipment is not an issue. This connection should be functioning as a transparent bridge, so layer 2 traffic...

JJeremic by Level 1
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We are planning to take an ASA 5520 box for with Cisco ASA Advanced Inspection and Prevention (AIP) Security Services Module, already we have 1Mbps internet connection. Now for VPN service through this box, what should I do ? take a new internet conn...

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