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I have a PIX 515 running 6.3.4v with 4 extra (besides the main two) Ethernet ports.I am wondering if I am able to do layer 2 all the way to the PIX? We are a small satellite Telco getting bigger by the day, and running into a situation where we have ...

Sorry if I missed it in Release notes but I can't find a way to migrate from 4.1.4-S151 to 5.0Upgrade process fails with errors about unknown signatures (added after S149):Error converting config. Install aborted.Error: Exception Error: -Commit curr...

DSmirnov by Level 1
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Iam rather new to NIDS.We have cisco NIDS- 4250 installed in our network. for past one day we are not able to ping NIDS ip All the physical cables are working and no change has been made to the configuration.IDS is not reachable even from...

Is there a way to automatically populate contact information on the device when a user logs in, this would update the Contact Information for the host on the MC.This would be very handy.THANK YOU

cbigas by Level 1
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Hi Gurus, How can I solve LAND ATTACK? Can I bypass this attack in PIX 515E?Regards,Choosak B.2005-03-10 14:08:26 Local4.Info Mar 10 2005 14:02:20: %PIX-6-106100: access-list acl_allowall permitted tcp outside/ -> ins...

choosak_b by Level 1
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Trying to setup my IDS to send all events to a syslog server but not sure how to do it. Any ideas if this can be done. I am using VMS but also want to roll it all up into some monitoring products.

nickbruno by Level 1
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