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Hello All,Does anyone can advice if on Firewall Firepower 1010 there is a possibility to configure VLAN interface and under this VLAN interface configure PPPoE connection?I recall that it was possible on the ASA5506-X for example, but I'm not sure if...

qualxarnu by Beginner
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I have an ASA 5505 at a remote location that tunnels back to corporate. I have two VLAN's configured (outside/inside), and have assigned 7 Ethernet ports to the inside interface. We tunnel all traffic back to corporate, but the issue I'm running into...

Hi,In the current software is it possible to allow more than one concurrent login from the same user account?   It isn't allowed by default, the second login can only go ahead if he kicks the other one off.  And I can't see anywhere obvious to enable...

TONY SMITH by VIP Collaborator
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I have FTD and FMC virtual.The client behind FTD are unable to resolve DNS names, however I can ping DNS servers. The clients are using and am able to open websites by adding static entry into windows hosts but using DNS serve... by Beginner
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 In the event of a network breach, for example someones device is hacked while on the network, I have been asked to identify what logging we have in place to trace whats happened. What is required is logging that shows all traffic that passes through...