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Anyone had issues after upgrading to 6.5 when using URL reputation filtering.  Pre 6.5 - It was using Brightcloud and now uses Talos.  Some websites are coming back with a "blank" reputation but in 6.4 it showed "neutral".  Screenshot attached.   

Dear Experts & Noobs,  Can anyone explain what happens when the FTD licenses expire. The types of licenses available are Base, Malware, Threat, Anyconnect Apex (I have an idea on how URL filtering will be impacted given that the updates needs to be d...

shabeeb by Level 1
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Hi,I´ve changed an ASA5520 Cluster with two ASA 5525-X and the configuration was copiedfrom the old two the new cluster. Behind the cluster is our network MGMT vlanand we build SSH connections to network Devices (Switches, Router etc.). With the old ...

wabbot22 by Level 1
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Hi all ! Hope everything is going on well with you ! I would like some help with understanding of the ACL LOGING on NEXUS.   I have learnt from the Cisco DOCs that the 'logging ip access-list cache entries number-of-flows' command is used to specify ...

yueyuli by Cisco Employee
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Hi, I am using ASA version 9.13 and have a scenario to allow communication where traffic has to go in and out through same interface.Example(taking random ips)We have a private range behind firewall, where is web server ip an...

Hi Team,I am getting an error message on the ASA indicating that the ASA is not able to obtain the software version of the IPS module that is connected to the ASA. However the problem here is that the ASA does not have an IPS connected to it. Below i...

Hi Everyone Wondering if someone can help here as I'm running out of ideas! I have a few ASA's that we monitor using the ASDM console (version 7-6-1). We recently changed our monitoring machine with a new one, OS is still windows 10 and we installed...

kjawaid01 by Level 1
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