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Hi Guys, Are there any way for me to see the bandwidth usage of a particular VLAN in FTD? Currently, only one VLAN is experiencing slow connection when they tried accessing to the internet and the other VLANs are not. Configuration wise, the only dif...

Resolved! Firepower FMC

Hi everyone, I have two  firepowers configured via FDM and I just deployed an FMC VM, my question is if I add my devices in the Management Center, they will keep the settings or they will lose and I will have to reconfigure them from scratch. Thanks!

Hi Guys,Just to check with you, I created a QoS policy in FMC with the source interface of VLAN-A and VLAN-B with a 100 Mbps rate limit. Is the 100 Mbps shared between the VLAN-A and VLAN-B or not? Thanks

My question is how we allow VPN traffic via the outside interface but block internet traffic that happens to have the same source address as the remote VPN network ? If you disable the bypassing of interface access lists on an ASA using the "no sysop...

My Internet FW has moved to a FP2130 box. Can anyone point me to an example of how to configure my WSA to communicate WCCP with my FP2130 . I am reading that I would have to use "FLEXCONFIG"?? on my FP box?? MY FP box is running 6.2.2. thanks for any...

cmazur by Beginner
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Hi I've Cisco ASA with model 5516. We have enable IPS (SFR) for traffic inspection. Since the IPS is part of the software module and have configure the management ip. We planning to monitor the IPS by using monitoring tools. Beside we monitoring the ...

Hi everyone.Sorry I am a newer on Cisco FTD. I have an issue with rtp traffic. We have some branches (spokes) and thay all communicate with each other over Data Center (Hub). Behind the Spoke-1 We have a CME and some branches (for example Spoke-3) ph...

 All,   Have 2 5525 ASA's with Source Fire with URL/IPS and AV license for both SF modules planning to bring in a firepower management center virtual appliance to mange SF modules for HA could advise me on the license that I need to purchase    

giridar by Beginner
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