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I'm in the process of acquiring some new FTD's with FMC. But can't find a definitive answer as to whether the FMC can manage ASA configs & logging too ?  The company has a large estate of 5525-X without FirePower & a few 5545-X's with.I'm trying to i...

Kmahow2 by Level 1
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Is there any safe way to test Firepower's IDS policy on a machine to see if the IDS policy is working? I know of the EICAR test for detecting malicious files, but is there an equivalent site we can go to for IDS testing?

ryan14 by Level 1
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Dear , My company has 2 cisco firewalls ISA3000, 2 switches IE2000  and we have 2 WAN lines to Corporate HQ. the request is once the primary link goes down the other is backup to take over.Can someone help to advise how can I configure to meet the re...

Dear all.1. I configured IPS as inline , but when begin testing using nmap it shows as "Would Have been dropped". FMC version is 6.3.  2. Today I saw intrusion event. but this time IPS result wont show anything.Please find screenshot. One of our serv...


Hello We have a FTD managed by a FMC, the RAVPN (Anyconnect) is working fine but we need to activate BGP so it can propagate the segments the FTD has to its neighbors. Today, only the segments the FTD has an interface in it are propagated to the BGP ...

jdonjuanl by Level 1
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Hi, We have a FPR1010 locally managed with FDM.I need to replace the 1010 with a 2120.I'd like to create a backup of the 1010 and restore it onto the 2120.Anyone know if this is possible before I waste time trying and failing?I think the answer is no...

matty-boy by Level 1
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I want to replace a FMCv running version 6.2 with hardware FMC running version 6.4. FTD sensors are running with version 6.2 and registered with FMCv 6.2.Migration script is available for only version 6.5 so what i have to do is to manually configure...

Resolved! ASA failover

we have ASA pair running as active passive code 9.8.3. whenever we do a failover from active pair to standby the asa reload. it was working fine but started doing this suddenly. no network configuration changes nothing. the configuration are below AS...

I'm currently establishing an IPSec VPN between a 2900 router and an ASA 5525.  The purpose of this is to be able to get management access to a couple nodes at the remote site which is where the ASA is.  The conflict is that I've learned that I can't...

cbkirwan1 by Level 1
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Dears,I met a problem of static NAT, my asa version is 9.6 . The topology:And configuration of devices:[R1]v15.2int g1/0 ip address no shutdown===========================[asa]interface GigabitEthernet0/0 nameif outside security-lev...

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