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Resolved! Changing interface names on ASA

Hi Guys,  I have an ASA 5516 with 2 WAN links, one is named outside and the second name backup. Backup line used to be just 4G dongle to keep us online if main line dies, but it was upgraded to a nice, 300/300 mbit connection. The main line is actual...

db1 by Beginner
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Cisco Firepower 4110 Interface up issue

Hi All, I am replacing the existing firewall with Firepower series FPR 4110 model. I am getting issue in making interface up, Also after going through the config guide i have below questions 1. Is all the features are license based, including maki...

How to enable IP SLA - Cisco ASA 5508

Hi all, It is my first time here. So, if I am doing something wrong, please let me know. I am implementing a monitoring tool in a customer - called OPMANAGER.I already exported flow and syslog. But the most important thing to do is: Monitore all the ...

__AlexXx__ by Beginner
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ASA Port-Channel config

Hi guys , Im trying to configure a port channel beetween ASA (active/stanby) <--> SW 3850.ASA Config interface GigabitEthernet0/1channel-group 10 mode activeno nameifno security-levelno ip address!interface GigabitEthernet0/2channel-group 10 mode act...

Ramirov by Beginner
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Resolved! How to debug to SSH session on ASA

Since upgrading from Pix to ASA, I haven't had to try to debug anything. Today I needed to debug an issue with a LAN to LAN tunnel coming up. I issued the commands I am used to using and so much debug information, not pertaining to what I am wanting ...

appl logging to multiple rules

Hi, looking for some help. i am working on a firewall with 750 rules. most of these rules are not set to log. is there any way to apply logging (at end) to a select bunch of rules in one hit. or am i looking at clicking 750 rules one at a time to swi...

FirePower Subscription

My question is related to the Firepower subscription. I am wanted to add this to my lab for testing. I am leaning more towards the 5506-X 1. When you have the FTD image do you get any trial base subscriptions? Maybe for 30 days?2. Is AVC the same thi...

sfr module will not extract

Hi all We have got two ASA 5525-x with sfr modules. They lived a couple off years without functioning on version 5.4.0. Now for test whe want to upgrade them with new software. One was easy.. without any error. But the second (did exactly the same) g...

JariW by Beginner
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Resolved! Allowing External Traffic on Cisco ASA

Hi - I have a Cisco ASA and I'm really struggling with something very simple. I have an outside interface and I would like to allow traffic to hit the outside interface on TCP Port 81 and get NAT'd to a private IP on a webserver. I believe I have the...

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