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i have some problems about packet-tracer in ASA9.8, The asa config Static NAT and dynamic PAT packet-tracer input outside tcp IP_1 50021 IP_2 21   IS IP_1 is real address and IP_2 is Mapping address ?     thanks zhixin

Zhixin by Beginner
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Hello community,sorry for my bad english,i want use function remove objects "Not Used" for cisco ASA 5515, but my team say it this can lead to bad consequences (nat, acl remove). I can not find to what exactly problems. Is there a risk?

dmnsrk by Beginner
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According to NAT section rule section 2 should be processed before section 3. In my test LAB the section 3 get processed. In other words Twice-NAT (after-auto) get processed. Expected is section 2 object NAT + PAT       There are two rules 1) Object...


Resolved! FMC Question

Hi, I've installed my firepower from ftd management (locally) and it is working now. What happens if I add this FTD to the FMC? Is the configuration is lost or the configuration is fetched from ftd to the fmc? Thanks.

I have a customer currently running 6.2.2 FirePower code managed via FMC.   They have 2 separate circuits from the same ISP with different ranges and want Circuit1 connected to Primary and Circuit2 to Secondary so that, should a failover happen, they...

 Hello,We are updating ssl certificate on secondary ASA.The CA also needs updating, hence the CA is first put in under CA certificates.Adding it , the error shown is "if ASDM sends configuration to this Standby ASA, thestandby will not forward the co...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi all ,    we have Cisco ISE distributed deployment , i want to do auto upgrade via GUI . i know the process but my question is can i pause the Upgrade after 3 personas upgrade done ? and resume the upgrade after one day for remaining 3 personas    ...

I'm deploying NGFWv appliance in Azure. Since the license model in Azure is BYOL, what specific licenses or PAKs do I need to buy to utilize this appliance in Azure. I couldn't find detailed information online. Thank you.

cscoadmin by Beginner
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