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Resolved! Configuration changes made by user

Hi There, I'm using FMC 4500 and we have multiple administrators we would like to know if there is way in FMC to check what changes and what user made ? We are really trying to use this feature for auditing purpose. In case we ever an outage or chang...

ASA Multiple Contexts on ASDM

Hi guys,   I am using 2 x ASA running 9.6(2) with ASDM 7.8(2). Multiple contexts have been enabled on Active-Active configuration.   While on CLI I can easily spot on what unit the context is Active so I don't risk using the Standby unit and un sync ...

Resolved! ASA nat commnand

Hello Group! how are you this morning? :)   Was wondering if someone can explain to me the below command on ASA   nat (inside,outside) source static ***********  destination static ******** no-proxy-arp route-lookup   Basically I know what it does, I...

accessing switches via SSH

Hello, I have a couple Nexus 9k switches that have a good amount of interface IPs (SVIs) on them that are used part of the VPC process running between the 2 N9ks.     If I take any of those SVIs IP addresses and put in the IP into putty, I can SSH in...

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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Resolved! ASDM 7.6 NAT configurations and Access Rules

Hello,   I am practicing working on a 7.6 ASDM firewall and would like to understand how Access and NAT rules work and also how they are configured.  Every where I search it shows for 8.x to higher..  Where can I get the user guide for 7.6?  because ...

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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IOS-XE Version: 03.07.05E Model: WS-C3850-24S object-group no longer available?

Hello,   I was wondering if anybody knows about this specific version no longer support object-group ? I upgraded it from 03.07.03 to 03.07.05E and now I don't have an option to configure it.   xxxx(config)#ob? % Unrecognized command   Device Informa...

Resolved! Upgrade of FMC to 6.1 breaks my FTP

Hi I made a transition of my virtual FMC from 5.4 to 6.1 but kept 5.4.x on my ASA Firepower for a while. Nothing has changed in the rule set while I upgraded from 5.4 to 6.1 but the day after I applied the 6.1 config to my Firepower modules I started...

hoffa2000 by Participant
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Resolved! FMC / AdRealm Errors

We are recieving the following REALM errors - I cannot seem to find much details on the internet on the Firepower SF-IMS[4384] error codes.   Our realm is configured in our identity policy and its configured in our access control policy. When downloa...

JMCNEL by Enthusiast
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