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Hi Group any idea how this could happen in zone based firewall:  sh policy-map type inspect zone-pair sessions Zone-pair: Guest->Internet Service-policy inspect : Guest_to_Internet Class-map: Guest_Protocols (match-any) Match: protocol http Match: pr...

a.ascione by Level 1
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Hi guys,   Does anyone know if it's possible to block using Firepower all browsers but one (let's say Chrome). So in terms of old firewall rules way:  Rule no1 - allow browser Chrome  Rule no2 - deny any other browser   I found a hint (tracking User-...

Hi,   Can someone tell me how to check or view temporary self signed certificate generated by ASA using CLI? Also, is temporary self signed certificate generated once command "http server enable" is entered? And, what happens if disable http server a...

cofee by Level 5
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Dears,   Please find the attached   Please suggest when 6509 are in VSS mode how the connection should be. The access switch is connected to both core with Multi chassis Ether channel, ,,, the user traffic is hash in default algorithm of the port cha...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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Hi guys,   i have two ASA 5540 firewalls working in stack, unfortunately one of them was broke up. some power issue or something like that... my question is, i have one ASA 5545X in spare. Can i substitute the 5540 for the 5545 with no problem?   tha...

I am getting the log below: Deny udp src outside: dst identity: by access-group "outside_access_in"    The systems ( sits on the outside port of the firewall and does the streaming to

Hi,   I need to configure an Firepower 2110 so that it has two Ouside interfaces. Offcourse, I will put an Default Gateway route on interface Outside_1 and I wil have all my traffic go this direction. But I need e.g. that my second, Outside_2, interf...

I would like to configure a VPN between an FTD appliance and another Cisco appliance, specifically an ASA and an IOS router. Usually I use VTI tunnels so I can create a tunnel per-internet connection. I'm a bit unsure on the capability of FTD at the ...

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