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Resolved! Licensing ASA Firepower Module

I need to license the Firepower module features on a 5508.  I am going to manage this with the ASDM. In the license portal I have added the PAK for AMP, IPS, and URL and it shows as "Unfulfilled".  I then choose it and click "Get License" and I am st...

ASA inside IP address

Dear all, I have a problem with my asa. From domain controller server I see some access attempts. I don't know why I see the ip address of the inside interface of asa. in attachment the log of the server. is the ip of the inside inter...

Cisco ASA Static NAT

Please help (refer to attached diagram) as I need client to telnet to and the traffic will be NATed (which telnet into R2) to (lookback interface).   It is not working, not sure did I miss out any thing? Thanks in ...

Resolved! Asa 5505 no internet

I been trying to setup a new Cisco ASA 5505 for the past week and can't get the internal network to get out to the internet. I'm sure it's something very simple that I'm missing. I have configured everything that I have gathered online. Here is my sh...

nyer4life by Beginner
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Dynamic IP to Static IP IPSEC VPN Tunnel

I have been trying to establish a vpn ipsec between two ASAs, one of them with ISP that provides public ip, and the other with fixed IP. I did the configuration of each one of them and I can see that the VPN is established through the show crypto isa...

Raul18629 by Beginner
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Single ASA - dual ISP failover

I have single 5508 running v.9.5. No router in front of the ASA. Failover is set up as shown in the configuration below.  I have two questions, first, when primary ISP (Outside-TW) goes down and backup ISP (outside) becomes active, will it switch bac...

ASA firepower without IPS License

Hi Everyone Can i use  ASA5525-FPWR-K9  without any IPS license and later on if i want to enable IPS then only  i need purchase License or any hardware require?Is that will work for me ??? which software do i need to purchase to manage my firewall wi...

Resolved! How to manage ASA 5506x NGFW

Hi everyone, - This is the first time i have setup ASA 5506x FW. I had read some documents that i can connect my PC to interface G1/2 on FW and access to install ASDM. But after connect to G1/2 on FW, i had no ip address. - I have...

petpkcui1 by Beginner
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Problem with port 22 SFTP

A customer asked me to setup a server SFTP (using openSSH or FreeSSHd). This server passes through a firewall that accepts only port 22 and is connected to just one client. I know it's really weird but they don't want to open other ports on firewall....

piggio by Beginner
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TACACS+ fallback problem ASA 5520

Hi,I  have configured tacacs in ASA 5520, it is working fine, I can login  into ASA with tacacs credentials..authentication is successfull when  tacacs server is unreachable Local authentication is also  successfull.....But after that when Tacacs ser...

arun.stha by Beginner
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Resolved! Unable to SSH into ASA 5510

I am trying to access my ASA from my inside network, but it does not seem to work.I am rather new to ASA, so I might've missed something. Any help would be appreciated.   Here are the configs:hostname VPN-RAdomain-name testenable password OQ5NBRwCbPc...