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Hi everyone   I have problem in  PRTG sensor it shows this message  'HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found ' from one of our customer's servers that located in DC to the stby firewall located in HQ but I can ping to FW   Could anyone  help me to solve this problem ...

qus83 by Level 1
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Afternoon everyone, I have a project, involves one FMC appliance, and I will be joining about 14 5506x's (FTD image) to the server.  So the sites that will be getting the 5506x with the FTD image, they just have a basic internet connection, no vpn tu...

tellis002 by Spotlight
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Hello Finally, my ZBF Ver 15.x works and am really happy, but when I look at my log files so I have a lot of drop messages with which I can not start yet much. Is there a lookup page where I can control this. How do I classify these messages      - ...

mauric by Level 1
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Hello,   Fairly new to using Cisco products so please bear with me.   We have been using Cisco Anyconnect and notice it has been end of life for a while now. What are the other options for remote VPN access to a Cisco 5506 with a windows machine? Wha...

Hello. I am evaluating the firepower services and have a question regarding traffic to send to the module. I currently have rules (ACL's) on the ASA that restrict things such as which clients can perform dns and also ports that they can access.  I kn...

Hi all I have a DCOM error in Event viewer linked to sourcefire user agent. It shows that "DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer x.x.x.x using any of the configured protocols". The reference of the error is 10028. In sourcefire user agen...