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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Enterprise Switching Business Unit is glad to announce Beta release 17.3.3 for all Catalyst 9200/9300/9400/9500/9600 platforms.  Upgrade path after 16.12.x will be 17.3.3 & later releases.  We encourage you to try out the Beta code and share your feedback.  The release will help test & evaluate prior to production roll out.  Please sign up and share your feedback before General Availability (GA).


Obtaining Pre-Release Software 

Please fill-up a simple request access form, you will receive an email with links to download the software.


Sign up.png


New Features & Enhancements on 17.3.x

  • Routing Enhancements
      • Broadcast, Unknown Unicast, and Multicast (BUM) Traffic Rate Limiting
      • Enhanced rendezvous point (RP) Functionality for Layer 3 TRM for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic
      • Interworking of Layer 3 TRM with MVPN Networks for IPv4 Traffic
      • Layer 3 Tenant Routed Multicast (TRM) for IPv6 Traffic
    • OSPF Non Stop Routing (NSR)
    • EIGRP Loop-Free Alternate (LFA) IP Fast Reroute (IPFRR)
    • MPLS VPN InterAS Option
    • MPLS QoS – WRED (WRED)
  • MVPNv6 support
  • Programmability
    • gNMI Configuration Persistence
    • gNOI Certificate Management
    • gNOI Bootstrapping with Certificate Service
    • YANG Data Models

Note : ISSU is not supported for 16.12.x (& older codes) to 17.3.x upgrades, however all 17.3.x codes can be upgraded to 17.3.3 on ISSU.  

More details on the ISSU Page


Please submit your valuable inputs on the Feedback form provided below or email us @




Resolved Caveats:


Defect ID

CSCvw51976 Bulk-sync failure due to PRC mismatch causes C3k continuous reload
CSCvv60320 Cat9400: Line protocol flap observed in specific interface frequently on C9400-LC-24S/48S
CSCvt73669 Ports remains in notconnect state when moved from L2 to L3 to L2
CSCvt99108 Ports stop learning mac when template unbinded and binded multiple times
CSCvu32771 linux_iosd-image crash @IPv6 IDB by enabling L3 SVI on 40G with ipv6 after 1st swo
CSCvu60564 BGP template push is failing due to "Device failed to process request. null" error.
CSCvu90016 Catalyst 9k: FED crash after reaching webauth scale of about 1k sessions
CSCvv03589 sisf traceback at sisf_macdb_create_entry during change lisp configure
CSCvv40631 Catalyst 9606 40Gb port bounce when DWDM failover
CSCvv45076 Downgrading from 17.1.1 to 16.12.3s Vlan SVI's show as Down/Down on some interfaces
CSCvv53948 LIG causes Map-Cache entry to override RIB
CSCvv88670 [SDA] cat9200 SISF marking mac as tentative
CSCvw06037 When "speed nonegotiate" is configured 1G link does not come up after OIR
CSCvw08075 C9200L: Port remains down/down after repeating connect/disconnect of the cable
CSCvw09998 flexlink+ alt port forwarding igmp queries caused multicast traffic loop
CSCvw16643 Device Template failing to attach after changing few device variables
CSCvw16864 AP uptime not sent to third party SNMP monitoring server when initially AP joins the WLC.
CSCvw17639 Traceback: C9600 LineCard IDPROM read failure generates Fatal call
CSCvw18461 Switch Crashes when enabling RSPAN Destination port
CSCvw31564 When ip tcp adjust-mss is enabled, TCP packets that are already fragmented will get dropped
CSCvw32481 EVPN Type-2 IP/MAC route is created for not-connected SVI
CSCvw33156 PTP does not work on Twogig interface on 9500-40X-A due to large neighbor propagation delay
CSCvw36634 On 9600SVL, RSPAN won t work unless RSPAN Traffic and RSPAN destination port are on the same switch.
CSCvw38433 OMP-Agent Routes in EIGRP changes AD to 252 on non-SDWAN devices
CSCvw53152 loopdetect feature not working on C9300 with Network Essentials
CSCvw65866 Packet loss and jitter seen for media traffic when connected to C9300-48UN
CSCvw74061 Cat9k: Disable Cstate C1E as a workaround for silent reload issue - CSCvr77861
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