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Capture the Flag Networking Missions Extended Through July 17

Community Manager

blackbg-cisco-colors- multi-ctfwallpaper - .pngYou have an extra week of fun!  Capture the Flag has been extended through July 17.  Register using the links below. 

As a part of Cisco Live US auxiliary programs, we invite you to learn new technologies and obtain hands-on experience in a fun way by playing Capture the Flag (CTF).

Your mission: solve interesting challenges based on use-cases, technologies and solutions around different architectures. Top performers will be tracked and recognized on the platform’s leaderboard, which gives you bragging rights to share with your social networks!

There will be 3 independent, parallel CTF games running July 06 - July 17, 2020:

  • Enterprise Networking (EN) CTF
  • Data Center (DC) CTF
  • Meraki CTF

How to participate:

Step 1: Register on the CTF portals you’re interested in:



Meraki CTF:

Step 2: Save time on your calendar July 06 - July 17. See game times below.  You can spend a few minutes to several hours playing CTF; we have enough content to keep you engrossed!  You also have the flexibility to spend as much time as you would like. Leave anytime, then come back later to continue from where you left off.

Game Availability Dates and Times:

PDT - July 05 – 5:00 pm to July 17 – 4:59 pm
EDT - July 05 – 8:00 pm to July 17 – 7:59 pm
UTC - July 06 - 0000 to July 17 - 2539

What you can expect:

EN CTF: Contains missions around designing, operating and troubleshooting with Cisco DNA Assurance & Automation, SD-Access, SD-WAN, DNA Spaces, ISE, Programmability and more.  One of the missions around ISE and BYOD involves playing with your own Wireless Access Point (AP). Players can arrange one access point from this list of supported APs, along with any desktop/mobile device as a test client. More details will be provided in the game.

DC CTF: Contains missions around designing, operating and troubleshooting multicloud networking environments using DC technologies.  Start with ACI Anywhere to understand how to create an automated network with consistent policies on-premises or in the cloud. Then, learn how to evolve Day 2 Operations from reactive to proactive using Cisco Network Assurance and Insights Suite.

Meraki CTF: Contains missions around using Cisco Meraki Dashboard, implementing & interpreting – Wi-fi 6, Security & Routing, SD-WAN configurations, leveraging API resources, etc.


Are you ready for the challenge?

John Hinckley

How come there isn't a single example of an answer format in the instructions or the FAQ?  For instance, in question #1:


Review the “San Francisco” site and determine the following: 1- What mode is the branch MX deployed in? 2- What is the typical MX default tracking client mode?


[Please input your flag in x/y format to unlock this challenge - where x is the operational mode and y the client tracking mode.]


Am I entering "<op mode>/<client mode>" as they are shown in the dashboard?  Because I did this and got it wrong.  Are the answers case sensitive?  


I'm clearly doing something wrong.  I tried asking in the webex session but the host was completely unresponsive despite yelling into the MIC, numerous chat messages and raising my hand.  I'm already an hour into this challenge and I can't even get past Q1. 


Hi @John Hinckley,


I just saw your post above ... I started playing during the week ending on the 17th of July and agree that it was confusing at first, but perseverance helped me figure out how to answer the questions.


I suspect that was by design, because it made me really stare at all the information provided to try to decipher the clues.


I hope you were able to figure it out and enjoy the game.


I'm hoping that Cisco makes another game available soon ... it was a great learning opportunity!