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Cisco IOS XE Amsterdam 17.3.1a: Enterprise Routing Release Update

Cisco Employee

On 16th Aug 2020, Cisco has published the latest IOS XE Release- Cisco IOS XE Amsterdam 17.3.1a 

IOS XE 17.3.1a continues to enhance the Enterprise Routing offerings. There are key software feature enhancements covering Licensing, Security, Voice, VPN, Layer 3 and Network Management areas.  

New Software Features with IOS XE Release 17.3.1a 

Release 17.3.1a will enable key feature enhancements to address various use-cases in today’s network deployments. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 9.12.32 AM.png

Prior to 17.
3.1a Smart Licensing log messages were hard to understand. We have improved readability of Smart Licensing error messages in 17.3.1a

In this release, we are also enabling support for LAN MACSEC for ISR4K. This allows interoperation with Cisco and third-party switches at line rate using 128/256 bit encryption. 

We have also done SSL VPN migration from TLS 1.0 to TLS 1.2 for CSR1Kv. 

UDLR tunnels enable a router to emulate the behavior of a bidirectional link for IP operations over the unidirectional links (UDL)Return traffic for multicast protocols is required. As part of this release we have enabled configuration of a tunnel for the UDL’s return traffic.  

Dynamic Application Policy Routing (DAPR) feature was introduced in IOS-XE 16.11. As part of 17.3.1a release we have address scale requirements, additional platform support (ASR1k, CSR1kv, ISRv) and minimum bandwidth for flow admission. 

We have also addressed the scale requirements for PBR interfaces as part of this release. Prior to 17.3.1a, maximum number of supported PBR interfaces were 1024. We have increased this to 30k PBR interfaces. This is only supported on high-end platforms – ASR1009X with RP3, ESP100/200/200x, C8500-12X4QC, C8500-12X.  


ePBR support in Office365 traffic categories for DIA has also been improved to support two additional use cases 

  • Match and steer O365 traffic based on traffic category to provide optimal and reliable experience and improve O365 application experience 
  • Enabled on enterprise internet edge to load balance internet traffic across multiple links to provide redundancy and better link utilisation  

There are few improvements done on Network Management side as well as part of 17.3.1a release.  

  • ASR1000 MIBS support for all relevant QFP resources in SNMP and Netconf/YANGF372 
  • RPC support for multicast platform specific CLIs 
  • YANG support for “show platform software ipsec policy statistics 

There are a number of Serviceability’s also addressed as part of this release.  

Picture 2.jpg
Picture 3.jpg

You will be able to find few additional feature support details on individual platform Release note pages:


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Is this a single-image-release (IOS XE and IOS XE SD-WAN)?

Cisco Employee

Every image after 17.2.1r is single image from functionality point of view

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Thanks for the response.  
The reason why I'm asking is because 17.2.1r has an "r" suffix because it was meant to be a single-image, however, 17.3.1 is meant to be a single-image but the "r" suffix is missing(?).