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EIGRP Preferred routes


Hi Guys,


I have two questions about EIGRP behavior when we have Multiple EIGRP routes:


1- I tried to show on some router the acquired EIGRP paths for a route X.X.X.X by typing the command : "show ip eigrp topology X.X.X.X". On the output there were two paths one is the successor and the other is a route that did not fill the conditions to be a feasible successor but it was shown in the output of the above exact command any way. 

So I checked again with the command  "show ip eigrp topology | section X.X.X.X" and it showed me only one successor --> everything is fine until now.

Now I did the same two commands on its neighbor and it gave me only one route for both commands.

My question is simple ; when can I see the routes that does not fill the feasible successor condition and when I cannot ?


2 - The second question : Let's imagine that we have two routes for the IP X.X.X.X one coming from a redistribution from another Protocol (having a lower Adminsitrative Distance than EIGRP ) to EIGRP, and one is a lower FD external EIGRP route received from a simple EIGRP neighbor. The IP routing table is preferring of course the route using the other Protocol  because it has lower Admin Distance (the redistribution is in the same router we are on), but in the topology table the successor is the locally redistributed route even it has lower FD.

My question is : does EIGRP prefer the local advertised EIGRP routes (reported distance = 0) even if it has higher FD ? or is this behavior caused by something else ? 


I really hope the explanation was clear.


Thanks in Advance


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