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New Cisco 5915 ESR

Cisco Employee

It is a high-performance, ruggedized router designed for  use in harsh environments – offering reliable operation in extreme  temperatures and under shock and vibration conditions typical for mobile  applications in rugged terrain.


1. C5915 is a new PCI-104-based small form factor router and a follow-on to the 3251 Mobile Access Router card and FESMIC switch.

2. Cisco IOS-based mobile routing for organizations extending their networks to include mobile assets and features supported are close to 3250

3. Enhanced mobility features (Radio Aware Routing, Ad Hoc Networking enhancements)

4. Mobile IP

5. Cisco Unified Call Manager Express (ephones support)

6. Cisco 5915 ESR uses MPC8358E processor.

How it is differnt from other routers:

1. Cooling features:

Air-cooled and conduction-cooled models accommodate diverse operational environments.

++Conduction Cooled cards:

The conduction-cooled card operates at a temperature range of    -40ºC to +85ºC. Thermal plates conduct heat away from the components to the enclosure rails through the wedge locks. 

++Air Cooling cards:

The air-cooled card operates at a temperature range of -40ºC to +70ºC . The Cisco 5915 ESR board is used without thermal plate. Forced air cooling is used.

2. Feature "Declassification" erases all potentially sensitive information in the router memory. This includes the erasure of the main memory, cache memories, and other memories like NVRAM, and Flash memory.

Triggered through a push button provided in the box for the users.

The parameters (erase-flash | erase-nvram | erase-all) for declassification can be configured .

3. "Digital Image Signing" If secondary rommon exists then primary rommon verifies alternate rommon signature. If signature is valid, switches to secondary rommon running

Rommon verifies IOS signature. If signature is verified, IOS is booted.

can also verify the authencity of the image which are there in NFS or serve

4. "Software Authencity Special":

This configuration command disables/enables the user from loading development images to the device. 

5.Support for Cisco Works 2000 suite

For more information you can refer to this link:

The following platforms use a similar processor:

Cisco 880 Data 

Cisco UC520 

The link for hardware description about the product:

It is build to meet the  requirements of the vehicular mobility strategy.....

Tried to give brief about new cisco 5915..hope this helps


Nice one Sonal,

Can I somehow add any additional interface cards to this 5915?

I need E1/T1 on this router.

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